When we first heard about Peeps Oreos, we were totally intrigued about how they would taste (natch), and whether or not they鈥檇 become a new seasonal hit. But we NEVER anticipated the kind of reaction (or rather, the result) that鈥檚 being reported post-consumption. Snackers have revealed that after indulging in the sweet(er) take on the classic cookie, something weird, and frankly, kinda nasty, is occurring.

shocked woman

Those enjoying just a cookie (or two!) might not immediately notice anything amiss. But should you partake in more than that (or, like, an entire package in one guilt-free sitting), you may begin to see a rather alarming result. The peeps can turn your tongue pink鈥 and that鈥檚 not the worst part. As folks are reporting over on Twitter, it鈥檚 also turning their feces a shocking shade of fuschia.

Okay, EW! But not to worry: Charmin has your, er, backside鈥

Happy Easter?

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(h/t Mashable, photos via Volanthevist + gpointstudio/Getty, Oreos)