Taking the perfect Instagram-worthy shot of your meal can be as tricky as taking the perfect selfie. But without them, we’d never know what wildly delicious and unexpectedly creative eats our friends are enjoying. That’s why this restaurant is now offering “Instagram kits” to help you nail your food pics.

This Restaurant Offers “Instagram Kits” to Nail Your Food Pics

“People love to share what they’re eating on social media, so we wanted to put together something that made it easier to get that perfect shot regardless of the lighting or time of day,” a spokesperson for London’s Dirty Bones told Mashable.

That’s why the restaurant — whose entire menu and decor are designed to be social media-friendly — has come up with the concept of “Instagram kits.”

Providing diners with a portable LED camera light, a multi-device charger, a clip-on wide angle camera lens and a tripod selfie stick for overhead table angles, it has everything you need to nail that perfect shot to share with your foodie followers. Not only helping customers nab the best possible pic for their Insta-feed, it’s also great promotion for the restaurant to have peeps sharing A+ photos of their food.

Sounds like a clever idea all around. Just remember to try not to hit the diners next to you with your over-reaching selfie stick.

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(h/t Mashable; photo via Tommaso Boddi/Getty)