You鈥檝e booked the venue, said *yes* to the dress, and selected the dreamiest drip cake for your reception. Now, it鈥檚 time to press pause on the rest of your to-dos and start planning your honeymoon! It鈥檚 a totes exciting endeavor, but also a majorly time-consuming one, especially when you鈥檝e already got a nine-to-five gig. Luckily, the travel search engine KAYAK found the perf solution to that honeymoon dilemma.


Recent data from the site shows that most of its visitors (57 percent) are arranging their vacay during the workday, so they launched KAYAK at Work. This new site hides your travel search from prying eyes at work when using your desktop computer or laptop by covering the KAYAK website with what looks like a very in-depth, professional spreadsheet. So it鈥檒l look like you鈥檙e consumed with organizing a spreadsheet while you鈥檙e actually planning a dreamy honeymoon.

Kayak SFW Website

Now we鈥檙e not telling you to ditch your career goals or anything. But think about it: Between work, exercise, a social life, AND planning for the wedding, knocking out your getaway arrangements during your nine-to-five will be uber helpful.

Besides catering to those busy-AF bridal needs, KAYAK humorously called out the 鈥渢op offenders鈥 of at-work travel prep. The top two cities? Richmond, VA, and Washington, DC. You can scope out the full list of the top 10 offenders and 10 鈥渂est behaved鈥 on 鈥 but then get back to honeymoon business.

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(Photos via Alija/Getty, KAYAK)