There are startups cropping up everywhere nowadays, but some are arguably far more useful than others. Take, for example, Remedy, the new startup taking on healthcare. The industry is still a big, expensive issue in the US, and Remedy, for one, wants to change that.

While you may believe that hospitals and insurance companies totally know what they’re doing when it comes to billing you for procedures, tests and the like, the truth is a lot of people actually get overcharged.

Remedy aims to save you both time and cash by looking through your medical bills and finding mistakes — which are often in the thousands of dollars range. Including everything from billing a man for a pregnancy test (oof) to overcharging for surgery, potential mistakes vary, but luckily, the process for having them checked is pretty easy: All you have to do is plug in your insurance information and the fintech startup will do the rest!

It’s pretty cheap too: Remedy only takes 20 percent of what you save on your bill, and only up to $99. And if they don’t find any errors at all? The service is free. Um, sign us up?

While this is undoubtedly a really useful tool, we can’t help feeling it wouldn’t be necessary if insurance companies took more care when logging procedures. Billing a man for a pregnancy test? Come on, guys. Not cool.

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(h/t Mashable, photos via Getty)