TBT is a holiday we take seriously here at Brit +Co. We love replaying all of our favorite songs (“Spice Up Your Life”), reworking our favorite looks (screw Carrie Bradshaw — we love scrunchies) and getting all nostalgic and happy remembering simpler times (when our moms did our laundry and we had never seen a bald Britney Spears). We conveniently forget the bad parts of high school (acne, homework, running THE MILE) and instead think about how life was good then.

Well, this website wants to fully indulge your urge to get hit baby, one more time with the past. With the Throwback Machine all you have to do is plug in the year you graduated high school and you’ll get tons of info about that year. Do you remember what song played at your prom? This machine does (shout out if yours was “Since You’ve Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson and you danced to it with all of your girlfriends and none of you wore shoes!). It can also tell you what names were popular back then along with important events that happened that year so you can fully be transported. Best yet: there’s an option to share it with your friends on social media as sort of a tech savvy update of all those “ONLY ’90S KIDS WILL GET THIS” posts.

Sit down. Switch On. And Throw Back.

#tbt to me… the bullying is starting to make sense now.

What was your prom song and who did you dance with? Tell us in the comments!

(Featured photo via @bethennyfrankel)