What do you do when you find that Apple’s emoji library is not repping you or your friends? You make some emojis of your own. We’re giving an emojii round of clapping hands to designer Kimberly Linn who has created a whole app called Lesbian Emojis with tons of funny emojis for the gay and lesbian community.

lesbian emoji

It all started as a project on Instagram, but 10,000 followers and an app release later, you can use these emojis for yourself. Yes, you can message your bestie that you’re a “gay unicorn that likes cake” and even cut down on a lot of text-splaining during an awkward date with the help of the Tinder phone emoji — totally necessary.


We’ve seen projects aiming to expand the emoji-cabulary (Is that a word? It should be.) and we’re definitely adding this one to the ranks of those designing for equal emoji opportunity. Linn’s collection of nearly 50 emojis (and counting) covers the Skrillex haircut, rainbow-layered cake and flannel shirts. Also, reality check: Lesbian or not, every single human needs a unicorn emoji most days. Right? You can download Lesbian Emojis for free on iOS.

What emojis do you think are missing from our current selection? Let us know in the comments!