Exactly how much green would you drop to feature some Tiffany blue in your home? According to the iconic jewelry brand, there is no limit. Tiffany & Co. just launched their Everyday Objects home and accessories line, and while few things from the New York-based jewelry brand are affordable, this latest venture truly proves that Tiffany glamour comes at a hefty price tag.

According to the brand’s official website, “Beautiful things shouldn’t just live in a drawer. Handcrafted in sterling silver, enamel and wood, this new collection elevates traditional office supplies and accessories into works of art meant to become favorite pieces you use every day.”

1. Sterling Silver Coffee Can ($1,000): If you ever wanted a sterling silver tin can to store your robin’s egg blue pencils in, you can now get it… at the low, low price of $1000.

2. Yo-yo ($300): Of course, if that’s a bit too pricey for your tastes, you have the option of a yo-yo for a cool $300, which seems downright affordable at this point.

3. Sterling Silver Ball of Yarn ($9,000): If you’ve ever thought you had a sterling silver ball of yarn-shaped hole in your life, never fear. Tiffany’s is here to fill that empty gap, and it’ll only cost you $9,000.

4. Sterling Silver Crazy Straw ($250): Hosting any holiday parties this season? Be sure to check out the brand’s new “crazy straw,” which will only set you back $250… per straw. And at that price, you’d better believe we’d be using it every single day.

5. Paper Cups ($95): If you get the pricey straw, you’re going to need a cute cup for your guests to actually drink out of, which is why Tiffany is hooking you up. For $95, you get not one, but two Tiffany blue “paper cups,” which are (thankfully!) actually made of bone china.

6. Bird’s Nest ($10,000): Perhaps the most bonkers item (and the most expensive!) from the new line is the Everyday Objects Bird’s Nest, which features a sterling silver nest and three Tiffany Blue porcelain eggs. This mantle piece can be yours for a casual $10,000.

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(Photos via Tiffany & Co.)