As if summer beauty trends couldn鈥檛 get any better, we鈥檝e discovered a new way to show some seasonal flair that combines two of our favorite categories 鈥 nail art and tattoos. That鈥檚 right, fingernail tattoos are majorly trending, thanks to the Instagram account Needle Nails, started by fashion consultant Ambie Stapleton and tattoo artist Christian Boyd.


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Stapleton tells Brit + Co that in January, just before heading to Paris Fashion Week, Boyd mentioned the trend to her, and she wanted in immediately. 鈥淗e drew 鈥榣ove鈥 in free-hand script [on one of my hands] and I was obsessed,鈥 she says. 鈥淓veryone loved them in Paris and in London. They鈥檙e a conversation starter.鈥 Once she was back in the US, Boyd drew morse code on the fingers of Stapleton鈥檚 other hand, and Needle Nails was born, offering fingernail tattoos by appointment (Boyd and Stapleton are based in New York City, but they travel to Los Angeles).

Now, we know what you鈥檙e probably thinking: Getting a fingernail tattoo sounds like it鈥檇 be painful, and do you really want something on your nails forever? Well, worry not. Stapleton says fingernail tattoos are painless AND they鈥檙e not permanent. 鈥淭he design grows out as your nails grow out,鈥 advises Stapleton. 鈥淔or me, it took a little more than six weeks for it all to disappear, but I have a friend who did anchors on her nails, and at seven weeks it鈥檚 halfway grown out.鈥 Think of it as a souped-up version of a gel mani 鈥 except you won鈥檛 be peeling polish off after two weeks.

An appointment with the Needle Nails duo can last anywhere from 45 minutes to a few hours and includes discussing the design you want and the application. 鈥淭he actual tattoo breaks through the nail bed,鈥 says Stapleton. 鈥淭he ink is set, leaving that portion of the nail engraved with ink. It鈥檚 definitely something that should be done by a professional who is aware of how to treat the nail, because it鈥檚 different than working with skin.鈥

Here are nine fingernail tattoos from Needle Nails we鈥檙e totally crushing on right now.

1. L-O-V-E: It doesn鈥檛 get sweeter than this design rocked by Stapleton, which launched it all for the brand.

2. Anchors: These minimalist anchors are the perfect way to rep your beach love this summer.

3. Artsy Accent Nail: You don鈥檛 have to get fingernail tattoos on every digit. Pick just one for a pretty accent nail.


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4. Diamonds and Donuts: Now you can show off your love for the two important words that start with the letter D.

[[ MEHNDI ]]

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5. Mehndi: This gorgeous, intricate design was inspired by mehndi, a beautiful form of body art from India.

6. Dots and Dashes: We鈥檙e drawn to these lines that leave plenty of negative space.

[[ SOS ]]

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7. Morse Code: Send an SOS with these little squares and dots reminiscent of Morse code. Think about how cool this design will look once they reach the tips of your nails!

[[ SNOOP ]]

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8. Snoopy: We just can鈥檛 resist this adorable Snoopy fingernail tattoo. Really, isn鈥檛 it cute?


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9. Lashes and Eyes: Bat those lashes (well, at least the ones on your fingers!) with this whimsical design.

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