Whether you’ve been teetering on the edge of making that big commitment (your first — or fifth — tattoo!) or you’re ready to jump in the car and hit the nearest parlor, there’s no denying that getting inked is a big deal. For those of us not ready to get a full sleeve just yet, perhaps it’s time to think on a smaller scale. Let’s take a page from Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin, who prove even the most subtle details can pack a major punch. From tats that are chock full of meaning to ones that are silly and fun, we’ve got 16 tiny foot tattoos to inspire your eventual trip to the tattoo parlor.


1. Anchors Away: Ready to set sail or simply want to remind yourself of what (or who) keeps you grounded? A tiny anchor is the perfect symbol to capture your inner strength. (via @nataliefranke)

stars tattoo

2. Cosmic Love: Entrance yourself on the daily with this interstellar tattoo, displaying ethereal vibes fit for the likes of Luna Lovegood. (via @soltattoo)


3. Climb Every Mountain: Whether you’re slaving away at your desk or just jonesing for your next woodland excursion, this scottish mountain tattoo is sure to remind you that your adventure is always out there. (via Tattoo Ideas1)


4. Cactus: Just cause you’re cute doesn’t mean you’re cuddly. Show your prickly side with this playful cactus tattoo. (via @horu_tattoo)

paper plane tattoo

5. Paper Planes: For the girl who’s always ready to wander. Put your free spirit on display with these light hearted paper planes. (via @maleinmaria)


6. Leafy Greens: Create your own calm — inside and out — with this delicate thread-like tat that brings us back to simpler times. (via @gz_tattoo)


7. Geometric Heels: Stamp those paws with geometric shapes that give a sense of symmetry and balance. (via @craigy_lee)


8. Snap Happy: This one’s for the Instagram addict and perfect-moment-picture junkie. Make your everyday look photo-ready with this adorable camera tattoo. (via @mawetattoos)


9. Calico Cat: This tat is perfect for feline lovers and fortune seekers a like. Give yourself a little luck with this sweet calico cat, revered in Japan as a symbol of good fortune. (via @horu_tattoo)


10. Counting Stars: Every constellation has a story; tell yours with a tattoo that’s as delicate and simple as connecting the dots. (via @happiijenny)


11. Little Red Bike: Recreate that magic of getting your first bike. This cool tat is sure to evoke a bit of nostalgia in anyone who sees it. (via @seoeontattoo)


12. Moon and Back: Evoke the galaxy to your next tiny tat, symbolizing your larger-than-life pursuits. (via @doodle.popo)


13. Jeweled Anklet: Channel your inner boho babe with this jeweled anklet, showing where exactly your heart lies… at the beach! (via @nekotattooartstudio)


14. Explore Glyph: Every symbol has its meaning. Express your hunger “to explore” with this mystic triangular glyph. (via @jenxtattoos)


15. Tooth Fairy: For Room fans out there (if you haven’t yet seen the movie or read the book yet, you seriously should!) skip the hearts and go for a unique a tooth tatt, symbolizing family love. (via @ilwolhongdam)


16. Straight ‘n Arrow: Use an arrow to symbolize the direction you’re headed, or what keeps you on the path toward your goals. (via @tiny_tasteful_tattoos)

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