While there’s a ton of advice out there geared toward new moms, dads often get left out in the cold when it comes to baby tips. Since there are so many awesome new fathers out there (Nate and Jeremiah, we’re lookin’ at you!) learning everything the hard way, we thought we’d share the best apps to make their lives a little easier. Dads-to-be, once you’ve got the baby name picked out and the nursery set up, these apps will have you handling everything like a pro.

New Dad Guide App

1. Who’s Your Daddy: Calling itself an “appy for a happy pappy,” this app leaves no stone unturned when it comes to giving new dads a crash course in all aspects of fatherhood well before the baby comes calling. With nine months of humorous yet informative daily tips, weekly updates and tools like a contraction counter and a hospital bag checklist, it’ll have you more prepared than a Boy Scout by the time the big day arrives.

DL It: $2.99 on iOS

Quick Tips app

2. Quick Tips for New Dads: A Survival Guide: In case you’d like an encyclopedia of answers to every possible question, all housed within your phone, guess what? You’re in luck. This exhaustive database of quick-reference answers will tell you everything you need to know about bottle feeding, late-night crying jags and every other riddle you could ever hope to solve. Bonus points for its British spelling and grammar, since it was developed in the UK. Nappies, anyone?

DL it: $1.99 on iOS

Sound Sleeper

3. Sound Sleeper: Nothing’s more precious than sleep in those first few weeks, so nudge it along with a white noise app like Sound Sleeper. The app mimics everything from a thunderstorm or a mountain stream to a mother’s womb, lulling your munchkin to sleep with calming sounds. While you’re at it, maybe you can muster a little shut-eye yourself.

DL it: Free on iOS.


4. Lifecake: Look, we all love taking and sharing photos of our kids, but let’s face it: Sometimes new parents can be a bit excessive when it comes to posting a new tyke’s every waking moment to their social media channel of choice. Now there’s a platform where you can share as many images, videos and stories as you’d like with the audience of your choosing, and the result is a gorgeous digital scrapbook you can be heart-burstingly proud of.

DL it: Free on iOS and Android.


5. A Cloud Monitor App on Your Phone and Computer: Keeping an eye on your baby is a snap with this simple app, which uses WiFi or bluetooth technology to keep the little one under your watch at all times. It’s built to work on all iOS and OS X devices, so no matter where you are, your baby is never really out of sight.

DL it: $3.99 on iOS and $6.99 on OS X


6. WebMD Baby: As a new parent, we know how easy it is to get worried after your baby develops a cough or sniffle. While this app won’t replace your family pediatrician, it will give you some peace of mind between those checkup appointments.

DL it: Free on iOS and Android



7. Seamless: Time for cooking and going out for meals is a luxury you no longer have — at least, not for a little while. Take advantage of apps like Seamless that bring whatever you’re craving straight to your door without so much as a phone call. No fuss, no muss; let’s all thank our stars for the glorious digital age we live in.

DL it: Free on iOS and Android.

What other tips could new dads benefit from? Share them below in the comments!