This month is all about sports fans and clueless observers keeping their eyes glued to their bracket to snag the office jackpot. While March Madness is fun and all, there’s a whole other bracket that has grabbed our full attention and it deals with one of our favorite topics: baby names!


Though the stakes may not be as high as winning a big, shiny trophy, the 2015 Name of the Year tournament is filled with enough unique names that are sure to get the attention of the biggest basketball lover looking away from the game for several minutes. This year’s bracket is filled with 64 fresh (all real) names that put some of the weirdest celeb baby names to shame. To get involved, print + fill out a bracket, spread the word + follow @NOTYtourney and then make sure to vote in each round of the tournament so your fave will win.


Since we have an infatuation with names, we had to handicap a few of our favorites to win this bracket. From Andromeda Dunker, Tacko Fall, Flavious Coffee and Lancelot Supersad, Jr. on the boy’s side to Jazznique St. Junious, Sherry Pennyjelly, Miraculous Powers and Amanda Miranda Panda for the girls, we feel confident one of these eight will take the glory of Name of the Year for 2015.


The mission behind Name of the Year, founded in 1983, is to discover, verify, nominate, elect and disseminate great names. Former winners include Shamus Beaglehole (’14), Destiny Frankenstein (’08) and Crescent Dragonwagon (’93), so Tacko Fall and Miraculous Powers would be joining some pretty prestigious ranks. Though we’d prefer the almost-extinct names to make a comeback, we’ll indulge ourselves in a little fun and rock this vote ;)

Which names are you rooting for in this bracket? Let us know in the comments.

(Photo via Fala Photo)