It’s practically impossible not to love Trader Joe’s; not only is it a hub for quality eats and pre-packaged produce, but it’s also a purveyor of astonishingly affordable wine. The happiness of finding a bottle for less than the price of a latte never gets old, but the impending warm weather is making us shift our focus to the retailer’s latest launch: canned wine! The collection, Simpler Wines Too Uncanny ($3 / can), boasts four classic wine variations from Australia: chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, rosé, and a red wine blend.

In other words, you really can’t go wrong showing up to the squad BBQ with a cooler full of these babies. Though each can is roughly the size of a soda, it contains around two glasses of vino. Not to mention, the brightly colored packaging is ripe for snapping ‘gram-worth sips.

The Too Uncanny launch follows the retailer’s massively successful foray into the canned wine space last year, when it debuted a collection of effervescent fruity flavors from Simpler Wine. Perhaps most importantly, while there are a myriad of tempting canned wines on the market, TJ’s boasts a really affordable price tag. You can stock up on these portable drinks now at all Trader Joe’s locations where wine is sold. Cheers!

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(Photos via Trader Joe’s)