Think you’ve got everything covered for your upcoming trip? After double-checking your packing list and your suitcase, make sure your phone is packed with the latest must-have apps for venturing around the globe. From apps that will help you work on your fitness and eat like a local to apps that will have you speaking a foreign language, we’re sharing our tech-iest ways to make the most of your trip. Stranded without a hotel? We’ve got an app that will get you tucked in for the night. Before you hit the runway, download these travel apps for a stress-free trip.


1. TripIt: All good travelers have one thing in common: organization. If you’re notorious for losing important info, like your flight number, get TripIt. Save yourself the headache and allow this “virtual assistant” to stow ALL of your travel plans in one place, on any device. (Free for iOS and Android)


2. Minube: It’s like Yelp meets Instagram in a beautiful way. This travel app gives you the inspiration you need to plan epic trips. Search for new destinations, cool hotels, delish eats and reviews on everything you can’t miss. Save your faves and viola: You have yourself a travel itinerary. (Free for iOS and Android)


3. Localeur: You’ve arrived at your destination, so now what? Turn to Localeur, an app where locals can recommend can’t-miss experiences, from tacos to yoga, in your destination of choice. Simply open the app, find the “Nearby Places” feature and you’ll find a listing of items near you. (Free for iOS)


4. WhatsApp: If you want to stay connected to anyone anywhere in the world for free, you need to become a WhatsApper. Join the millions of other users who send messages, videos, images and audio clips via WhatsApp on iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia at no cost by using your Internet data plan or WiFi. So, don’t worry Mom, I’ll be able to message you when I arrive in Bali… so long as there’s WiFi. (Free for iOS and $1 for Android)


5. Roomlia: Need a place to stay? Whether you’re looking for a room with a view, a business trip layover or a weekend getaway, Roomlia will get you the the best option at the best price. This app has been touted as a no-fuss solution to getting the best hotel options up to seven days from arrival. Unlike other mobile hotel apps, Roomlia links you directly to your hotel to book. All it takes is one swipe of your finger, and you have yourself a room. (Free for iOS and Android)


6. Relay Rides: We’ve always been taught to share, and this app earns you some cash by doing good. Relay Rides breaks into the sharing economy with its peer-to-peer car rental service. For travelers, this is great news: No more waiting in airport car rental lines, because you can get the car you want right from the airport. (Free for iOS and Android)


7. Kamino: Get to know a city on your own two feet. The Kamino app offers walking tours created by locals and travel experts to guide you to the ultimate sights, culture, tastes and smells your destination has to offer. Pack your walking shoes and bring Kamino along on your next adventure. (Free for iOS)


8.Gymsurfing: Skip the dated equipment in the hotel “gym,” and check out the newest fitness app for travelers: Gymsurfing. A day pass starts at five dollars for instant access to a gym near you. (Free for iOS and Android)


9. Entrain: Beat jetlag and adjust to a new time zone with ease using Entrain. This mathematical app, developed by University of Michigan researchers, uses light to learn your circadian clock. When you travel to a new time zone, Entrain can help you readjust your body’s clock to match the time zone by letting you know when your body should be exposed to light and dark. (Free for iOS and Android)


10. Converted: Be it the weather, currency or measurements, Converted has your number. The next time you need to convert Euros to British Pounds, it’ll be a snap with Converted. The coolest thing about this app is that not only does it give you an answer, but it provides you with an overview on how the answer was reached, making you more reliant on your own brain, rather than the app itself. ($5 for iOS)


11. Touted as a brand-new way to learn a language, is encouraging us to ditch the textbook. Their app turns the entire Internet into a language learning tool. As you surf the web, you’ll be able to save words from websites that will transform into flashcards for you, including photos and a pronunciation guide. Choose from 10 languages, with more on the way. (Cost: Free for iOS and Android)


12. iTranslate Voice 2 : If you speak, this app will translate. All you have to do is select the language you want to “speak” in, say your message into the microphone and within seconds, the translated texts will pop up on your screen and be spoken aloud. You can play back the audio or share via email, SMS, Twitter or Facebook. ($5 for iOS)

Calling all travelers: Fill us in on what apps you can’t leave the country without in the comments below.