Your hard-earned vacation is finally here, and you’re taking packing tips from pro-travelers, re-vamping your travel hairstyle and getting *officially* excited. Whether you’re traveling for the adrenaline junkie in you or you’re just seeking relaxation, the en route part unfortunately seems to go hand-in-hand with some hassles, like sorting out reservations, sifting through complicated itineraries and locating foreign destinations. However, TravelerBuddy, a new travel app on Kickstarter that will be available on both iOS and Android, is here to save the day by taking some of the stress out of travel.


According to its Kickstarter page, Singapore-based TravelerBuddy is on a journey to “redefine the way the world travels” and bring “hassle-free travel” to the masses by streamlining all the various logistical stressors of travel into one easy-to-use and offline-accessible app. TravelerBuddy works to anticipate and avoid “all cumbersome travel processes” by aggregating everything from flight reservations and hotel accommodations to restaurant receipts all in one place — thus making it an ideal tool for globetrotters and personal assistants alike.

With all of your information in one place, TravelerBuddy double checks everything from the expiration date of your passport to the locations of meetings, and presents them in an elegant app that makes coordinating with Uber drivers and airline agents easy as pie. It even helps you complete immigration forms and automatically creates a step-by-step itinerary for your entire trip.


Using reminders, custom alerts and real-time notifications, this nifty app also makes sure you’ll never miss another important business meeting or have a change in flight schedule derail your vacay. Even after your travel adventures are over, TravelerBuddy continues to help you keep your life in order by converting photos of receipts into an expense summary with the tap of a finger — a lifesaver on work trips. Currently, TravelBuddy still has 109 days to go on Kickstarter and they’ve already reached $8,938 of their $9,918 goal.

So if you’ve got travel coming up and wouldn’t mind the logistics being a little less stressful than they normally are (yes, please!), consider backing this app — the rewards are pretty sweet.

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(Photos via TravelBuddy)