Your BFF just got engaged, and you know what that means: It’s time to plan the bachelorette party! If the bride-to-be is a total jet-setter with a side of beach bum, then a tropical destination is a must. But planning a girl’s trip that includes passports and a different culture is not always a walk in the park — no matter how many palm trees are involved. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you gather all the details, including when to go, how to get there, and creating a beach-themed party playlist for your weekend. Read on, grab your passport, and get your bikini ready to party.

1. Choose the location. Ask the bride if she has a specific place in mind or start following the travel pros to find out the best places they’ve ever been. Your crew’s going to fly no matter what, so you can go as near or far as your (and the bride’s) heart desires.

2. Let everyone have a say. Now that you’ve chosen the perfect tropical destination and you have all your girls on board, come up with two or three holiday and non-holiday dates for when to go. Then let the other guests vote for their favorite choices so that they can factor in their work and life schedules. This will also make everyone feel involved in the planning process.

3. Focus on your priorities. Come up with a list of your squad’s must dos and work it into the weekend’s agenda. Make sure you also read user reviews and then share the final list with fellow bachelorette-goers.

4. Plan a backup. You don’t want the gals to get hangry after the reservation you made for lunch falls through. Think about a plan B (and maybe even a plan C) just in case something doesn’t go your way. We guarantee you’ll be glad you did even if the trip goes smoothly.

5. Build a beach-themed playlist. You’re actually going to need a few different playlists, but they should all be fun and beach-themed to get you pumped for your exotic destination. Use Spotify to create the playlists and invite other guests to collaborate and add songs.

6. Prepare to be unplugged. You’re headed to tropical beaches, so start reminding yourself and your GFs that there’s a *good* chance there won’t be WiFi (or a good signal at least) and you won’t be connected to your phone 24/7. It’s probably a much-needed break, and your heart and eyes will thank you for the digital detox.

7. Share the details. A list of activities is just the first step in ensuring everyone has a good time. Make sure you give all the girls the bachelorette games and bridal gifts deets, as well as packing list recommendations and appropriate attire for your destination. Include important phone numbers in the area you’re visiting in case they have any local questions.

8. Gather tropical supplies. If you’re heading to a beach, you should probably pack at least two pairs of sunnies. Add other tropical essentials like a palm tree beer koozie, a pineapple-shaped bottle opener, and a wide-brimmed hat to keep those UV rays away. And that giant watermelon beach towel? Go ahead and add to cart.

9. Invent a fruity signature drink. Whether you go for a waterfront resort, beach hostel, ocean-view vacation home, or camping on the sand, there’s one thing you’re definitely going to need: a special cocktail! Create a signature weekend drink with your destination in mind, and practice mixing ‘em up ahead of time.

10. Include an authentic activity. A destination-specific activity is your chance for you and your team to get a taste of local flavor. It can be anything from a cooking class featuring the regional cuisine, surfing with sea turtles, or a scenic hike that ends with a panoramic view of your tropical paradise. Bonus points if it involves something you can all take home as souvenirs!

11. Allow for some much needed R&R. Trust us when we tell you that all party attendees will seriously appreciate some chill time to get them through all the bachelorette activities.

12. Delegate the bills. Items like customs fees and other charges can add up quickly, and no one likes these last-minute surprises. Decide ahead of time how you’re splitting certain activities or delegate final bills to just a few people that feel comfortable with everyone Venmo-ing them later.

13. Compile all the photos. Pics are a MUST for bachelorette parties. Whether you’re uploading them as you take them or creating a bachelorette party hashtag for all your Insta posts, you’ll need a system in place so you can always go back and relive the amazing girls’ weekend. Here are some good options.

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