Donald Trump as the next President of the United States? Um, we’re not so sure that’s a great idea. Donald Trump as the face of our Halloween Jack-o-Lantern? Now that’s something we can get behind. In a spooky turn of events, it looks like pumpkin carvers are forgoing the traditional triangle-eyed faces and ghost outlines in favor of this presidential candidate’s face.

trumpkin 1

The Trumpkin trend all started when Ohio resident Jeanette Paras painted Trump’s face on a 374-pound pumpkin. Paras has been painting celebrities’ faces on gourds since 1988. A couple of her best paintings include Oprah Winfrey, Jon Stewart and Betty White. In a photo shared on her Twitter, Paras poses next to her pumpkin alongside a sign that reads, “Make pumpkins great again.”

It seems as though Paras’ creation has inspired other pumpkin carvers. The Trumpkin is popping up all over Twitter and Instagram and folks, you’re going to want to see a few of these gourd-geous creations.


1. Hay Haired Trumpkin: Leslie A. Spears made this pumpkin for the Oklahoma State Fair and not surprisingly, it came in at 5th place. We’re thinking the highlight of this creation is definitely the very realistic looking straw hair. (Photo via @lesliesokc)

trumpkin 2

2. Vampire Trump: Trump is usually scary enough on his own but if you want to make things even creepier give him some vampire touches with dark lips and eyes and maybe even include a couple of sharp teeth. (Photo via Huffington Post)

trumpkin 3

3. PSL Haired Trumpkin: We said it once and we’ll say it again: the key to a great Trumpkin is all in the art of the hair. This expert carver totally nailed Trump’s iconic combover by using the top of a larger pumpkin that’s been adorned with some of the gourd’s insides. (Photo via @thehawkgirl)

trumpkin 4

4. Mini Trumpkin: No need to be an expert carver to embrace this decorating trend. With a mini pumpkin, a sharpie and a little bit of fluff you can make your very own Trumpkin in 5-minutes flat. (Photo via @thatsoashlin)

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(Photo via @ParasPumpkins)