Another week is drawing to a close, which means there are so many new quirky and amazing things to share from our daily perusing of the Interwebs. If you weren’t blown away by GettingPretty’s tutorial on becoming a Snapchat filter for Halloween or Brie dressed up as a latte, then let us regale you with other interesting finds, like keyboard waffles and @brosbeingbasic. Read on for the list.


1. The Keyboard Waffle Iron: If you’ve been waffling over what to eat for breakfast, waffle no longer… or just a little bit longer as you savor the taste of a keyboard-shaped waffle. It’s a real thing — you butter believe it.


2. Instagram Photos IRL: We all know that social media lends itself to capturing a false version of real life. Photographer Chompoo Baritone pulls the wool from our eyes and reveals the truth behind all the cropping and filters with her series of demystifying photos. (h/t Bored Panda)


3. Fish Mask ($30): Consider your Halloween costume complete with this baby. All you need is a sequin dress from your local thrift store. Or normal clothes, because why not?


4. @brosbeingbasic: Seriously nailing being basic, this Insta account captures the essence of being a basic b*tch AS A DUDE. Ugg boots and bathroom mirror selfies aren’t just for girls, you know.


5. Donald Trump Disney Princesses: Whether you are for or against D. Trump for prez, you should definitely be for him as a Disney princess. He really looks dazzling in that Snow White dress, dontcha think?


6. Florabunda Luggage Tag ($10): Hit the road in style with this floral luggage tag and never lose your suitcase again… or pick up the wrong black suitcase at baggage claim.


7. These Are Things Webshop: Sometimes you need a patch, or a pin, or a sticker to communicate your feels. On those days, head to These Are Things and get yourself a pin that outs you as a cat daddy or an introvert.


8. Lisa Frank Costumes: If you were a child of the ’80s or ’90s, you probably had a Lisa Frank lunch box or Trapper Keeper that you were OBSESSED with. Maybe you’re still dreaming of that colorful school supply, wishing you never let yours go… well, snap out of it and get yourself to the nearest Michaels, because Studio DIY is doing Lisa Frank, Halloween style. You can literally BE your favorite sticker this year.


9. Ashish’s New Collection: London’s Fashion Week was glittered with sequins from Ashish’s line. Our thoughts: YES. And then a little bit more YES. These outfits are legit eye candy. (Photo via Daisy Walker)


10. But First, Coffee Mug ($14): For those of you who zombie your way around until you get a taste of sweet, sweet caffeine, this mug is your jam.


11. EmojiGirl Charm Bracelets: Well, these are a thing. The language of Emoji meets the charm bracelet, and with that we get these story-telling bracelets. Please say we can choose the shrimp!


12. RipNDip iPhone Case: This cat isn’t chasing a bird. It’s giving the bird. iPhone case dreams do come true!

That’s a wrap! Have a great weekend.