We don’t have time to wait. As our tech gets faster and faster, we expect other areas in our life to reflect our high-speed lifestyles. One such area? The kitchen.


The HyperChiller is a new device that promises to cool down your drinks — even piping hot ones — in 60 seconds. It takes a bit of preparation, but not much. So if you know you’re going to want an iced coffee tomorrow morning, you put the HyperChiller in your freezer overnight. Let it chill there and take it out in the morning after you’ve brewed a pot of coffee. Then just pour the coffee into the device and leave in for 60 seconds (or longer if you want a suuuuper chilly drink). When you pour it out, your drink will be cooler than cool. It will be ice cold.

HyperChiller promises to act like 30 ice cubes in your drink, but it won’t dilute anything with melting water. For that reason, it’s a super great way to quickly chill wine or liquor without making the drink any weaker. (Cheers to that!) If you’re hosting a party this holiday season, this is THE thing you need when guests bring over room-temp white wine.

The device costs $30 and is available online.

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(Photo via Hyperchiller)