When we think of date night, we tend to think of grabbing a drink, going to a restaurant, or the classic “dinner and a movie” combo. Creative date ideas are hard to come by, and in the midst of chaos at work and long lists of personal to-dos, it can often just be easier to default to these well-known formulas. There’s nothing wrong with that, but let’s face it: The extra eating and drinking of date night doesn’t always make us feel our best, and it can add stress to our health regimen. Who needs the pressure?

Consider, instead, a date night that relieves some of that pressure — a calm, romantic evening that will leave you and your significant other feeling healthy, refreshed, and ready to conquer whatever’s on tap for the next day (plus, you’ll be better prepared to conquer a juicy burger and cocktail on your next date!). Check out these four suggestions for a more zen date.


1. Get meditative. “Meditation clears up mental space for us to view our life through fresh eyes — including our relationships,” says Lodro Rinzler, Chief Spiritual Officer for MNDFL, a drop-in meditation studio located in New York City. “Even a bit of meditation on a regular basis allows us to approach our daily routine with curiosity, compassion, and more joy. And don’t be surprised if sitting next to one another simply breathing actually feels pretty intimate!” Find out if there are any meditation studios near your home, or practice a little romantic mindfulness in the comfort of your own home with your S.O. Online video meditations (like those offered by MNDFL) are a great option for meditation newbies who prefer a private night in.

2. Practice your best shavasana. Whether you’re a yogi pro or a total down-dog rookie, yoga is a great way to connect with your partner while also treating your bod to an amazing, restorative workout. There are tons of ways to turn yoga into a great date night — check out a class at a local studio and then share a smoothie, stay close to home with a YouTube yoga session, or learn some basic poses online and test them out with bae. You’ll both feel refreshed and (hopefully) zenned out.

3. Take a quiet walk. When you’re on a date, it’s easy to fall prey to the idea that silences are inherently awkward — especially if the relationship is on the newer side — but we challenge you to embrace a little quiet time with your partner. Set out for a walk around your neighborhood — the more nature, the better — and set some ground rules about conversation before you go. Avoid idle chatter, and instead focus on more meaningful conversation about your surroundings. You’ll be amazed by how relaxed you feel when you just spend quality time with your special someone in a beautiful place… without the pressure to maintain a constant dialogue.

4. Schedule some couples’ reading time. If you’re anything like us, you have a constantly growing “to read” list… and your S.O. probably has one too. It’s super romantic to set aside time to work on those lists together. Plan a yummy homemade meal, light some candles, pour two glasses of wine, and snuggle up under a cozy blanket with your books. To make this date night extra zen and meditative, consider choosing a book about self-improvement or mindfulness.

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