Old Kris Kringle may have already made his way down every chimney worldwide, but that doesn’t mean you need to take your decorations down. In fact, you can keep them up all year long or even add some more colored lights to your walls around the house to keep them twinkling! With Twiink, you can keep your house lit and colorful in a blink — or should we say… in a Twiink ;)


Twiink is a buildable LED light fixture that can be broken into smaller units or built into a bigger and brighter light. Think, LED lights meets Tetris and LEGOs. It’s a way to (literally) spark and brighten up your creative gears. Twiink can be a sleek, contemporary decoration or it can be a fun little flashlight. It’s Bluetooth enabled so you can change the color of the lights or flash tempos and patterns via the app, or it can flash to notify you about an important text or phone call.


We love how the creators at Twiink are running with their maker spirits by creating tutorials on how to make certain shapes and designs. If you want to try twiinkering around, then be sure to check out their Kickstarter to see how you can get your very own LED light puzzle. Do it soon though, because their early bird package ($69) is going fast.

What are you inspired to make with Twiink? Will you leave yours as a light source or will you go all maker on it? We’d love to know!