Twitter is a hub for all kinds of convos. You can get sucked into live-tweeting events like #TGIT, awards shows or every city of the Real Housewives. You can consume all your news — and even add your two cents into those trending topics — on the social media platform. Or you can follow everything happening in the 2016 election in real-time, from rally speeches in swing states like Iowa to shareable quotes and images highlighting issues candidates support. Now the 140-character sharer is diving deeper down the political lane as the election starts to heat up, making political donations a much more efficient process.


Through a partnership with Square, US Twitter users now have a fast and easy way to donate directly to a US candidate’s campaign simply through a tweet. We’re all for this, especially if it means an email address isn’t required. No email means daily campaign emails no more!

twitter square political donations

Starting today, Twitter users will start to see Tweets from candidates and their supporters with a Presidential hopeful’s $Cashtag, asking for a donation. Early examples include Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio.

Want to show your support for candidate X via a donation? Simply hit the “contribute” button, select a donation amount, add your card info and submit that donation. Then, if you’re feeling like doing some social media grassroots action of your own, share the $Cashtag of your candidate of choice with your Twitter followers to encourage them to get involved financially as well.

With candidates and elections getting ever more involved in social media and tech, we can only wonder how both will affect the #KanTay2020 campaign in the future ;)

Would you donate to a candidate on Twitter? Share your thoughts in the comments.

(Photo via Twitter)