After weeks of anticipation and peeks into the prep for the 2016 Victoria鈥檚 Secret fashion show, we were finally able to indulge in all of the lingerie-based glory. The 18 models who walked the runway gave us everything from an emotion-filled reunion (or perhaps just a publicity stunt?) to a (whoops!) wardrobe malfunction. There were also accusations of cultural appropriation and controversy over the iconic wings (uh oh!). And how did Twitter react? As feisty as ever, which is what you were surely hoping for (so were we, TBH!). Check out the reactions below and relive all of the good moments鈥 and the bad!

Au revoir, Paris. Here鈥檚 to the most fabulous #VSFashionShow ever!!

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Folks were totally ready for the fun鈥

And plenty of folks were totally feeling the love once the show started鈥

Natch, Lady Gaga was getting her fair share of the praise鈥

And some are ready to do it all over again鈥

While those who were inspired are ready to keep the vibe going鈥

Though, of course, there were others who weren鈥檛 really feeling it鈥 at all鈥

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