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This One Charging Station Will Juice Up ALL of Your Devices

If you’re like us, desk clutter drives you absolutely crazy. It’s hard enough keeping worklife organized virtually, so it often takes a toll on our workspace IRL. UNITI is about to change your life.


Heads Up! 20 Painted Ceilings That Are Ooo + Ahh-Worthy

Did you know there’s a faster way to refresh the color of your space? Read on for 20 inspiring painted ceilings that’ll have you raising the roof!

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This App Turns Your Workouts Into a Video Game

Our nerdiest dreams have come true with the discovery of our new favorite game app: FitRPG.


23 Dining Rooms That Will Dazzle You

Whether you’re looking for sheer elegance, or a warming vibe while you eat, these dining rooms are sure to inspire your space.

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Plants That Light Up Might Be Streetlights in the Future

Remember Avatar? Well, that’s pretty much the world we’re living in right now. Behold the latest scientific creation: the auto-luminescent plant.

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These Smart Headphones Record Your Workout!

Smartphones, smart tablets and now, smart earphones! FreeWavz is the wave of the future, as far as wireless headphones are concerned. Time to toss (or recycle) those earbuds and introduce those drums to these lightweight beauties.


PaintZen Helps You Paint Your Apartment With the Click of a Button

We know you all love home improvement projects, but one of the most daunting ones is painting the rooms in the house. PaintZen is about to change all of that.

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25 Reusable Lunch Bags to Recycle the Brown Bag for Good

Cram those carrots into something chic and you’ll soon be the star of the show. Read on for our favorite lunchtime looks.


10 Funny Baby Shower Invites to Make Guests Go Goo-Goo Ha-Ha

Yes, there may be a poop joke or two in there.


Rainbow Connection: 30 Inspiring Colorful Interiors

Whether you’re looking for a new paint color, the perfect furniture accent or your next DIY project, here are some vibrant colors to spice up your space.


StorkStand Turns Any Chair Into a Standing Desk

It seems like there’s always a new study showing how detrimental it is to sit for long periods of time. Instead of shelling out thousands for a standing desk, get a StorkStand!


20 Terrific Totes to Take to the Beach

When life’s a beach, it’s time to get a perfect beach bag. But why settle for plain canvas when there are tons of amazing, fashionable bags out there?