If you told us a week ago that all this data we’re logging onto our FitBit could actually be channeled into an uber-fun game that we can play with our friends, we’d call you crazy. But now it’s like our nerdiest dreams have come true with the discovery of our new favorite game app: FitRPG. Now on Kickstarter looking for funding to expand their game platform, FitRPG gamifies your workout by syncing with your fitness apps and pulling your activity stats for your very own video game character.

Are you the type of competitive person who loves turning your workout into a game? This app is definitely for you. If you’re unfamiliar with the acronym, “RPG” means “role playing game,” which is immersive and story-based. FitRPG sends you into the world of Avalon, where your character interacts with elves, dwarves and all sorts of mythical creatures as you go on quests.

The object is to earn experience levels and rewards and to battle “bosses” in different worlds. The more active you are, the more points you’ll earn so you can buy items to improve your character’s stats. Level up past your friends, or earn points and rewards that’ll help keep you stay motivated to push harder.

Currently free and available for iOS and Android, FitRPG syncs up to Fitbit, Jawbone, Garmin and Google Fit. They’re trying to raise more funds on Kickstarter to hire designers and writers to help flush out the game’s story and craft a more beautiful interface. Basic donations can earn you game points, but if you give on the high level, they’ll make a character in the game that has your likeness! We could be into that.

Excited at the thought of getting fit while playing a video game? Tell us how you plan on one-upping yourself in the comments!