We know you all love home improvement projects — that’s why you’re scouring Brit + Co for as many crafts, furniture hacks and design inspirations as possible. But we also know that one of the most daunting projects is painting. Picking the color is one thing, but the slog of finding the right materials, applying multiple coats of primer and paint and the sheer work of it all makes us want to crawl back into bed. Luckily, we discovered a New York-based startup that’s aiming to change all that: PaintZen.

After working for the successful housekeeping service MyClean, entrepreneurs Mike Russell, Justin Geller and James Goldman dreamt of a seamless painting service. One where they could easily hire painters to help them coat the walls of their apartments — whether all of them or just one room — for a fair price. And since we all have an arsenal of apps that do everything from deliver us groceries to pick up our laundry, they had to make the service easy to access with the click of a button.

PaintZen is an e-commerce site where you can select paint, get a quote and schedule a professional job with the greatest of ease. You won’t be dealing with surcharges after the fact — the quote is all-inclusive of paint, supplies, tax and tip. Afterward, just schedule a time that works for you; their totally-background-checked professional painters are available all week long, so you’re sure to find a good time.

If you’re unsure of the color you’d like to go with, browse their selections or request a consultation that includes five color samples mailed to your door. You can even skip the plain walls and request chalkboard paint, murals, patterns (striped ceiling, anyone?) or all kinds of textures. And although PaintZen is only servicing New York at the moment, the brilliant idea is bound to scale to other cities, which has us feeling inspired. Let the project planning begin!

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(Photos h/t Gilt City, Joonbug and PaintZen)