We’ve all been there — you set out for your morning run and you do that tango with your earbuds. A few steps and they fall out. A few more and your cord somehow gets caught on your elbow. Face it, sports and speakers just don’t mix. That’s what a few Utah-based golfers thought until they asked themselves, “Why aren’t there speakers built into a hat?” And just like that, it’s goodbye, earbuds. Hello, Resonate Audio baseball hat!

We’re not talking about a hat with a jack in it. This baby is totally wireless with a built-in Bluetooth setting and rechargeable battery. Now when you need to pump up the jams, you can sync, play, pause and skip tracks all with one button. And you don’t have to go off the grid — use that same button to answer calls.

Not just for runners, Resonate Audio has made two different styles. Using lightweight bamboo fabric, they’ve produced the Elevate active cap, and a baseball version called Deviate. Both are only 1.5 ounces heavier than a regular hat, so you won’t be weighed down by unnecessary equipment.

Where can you get one? Resonate Audio is now accepting preorder requests via their website.

Would you rock or run with a baseball cap with built-in speakers? What’s your go-to way to jam out while you’re running? Share with us below!