If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the dining room is like the aeorta. It is the center of everything, where you sit with your family and friends to munch on all the amazing things you can cook. Whether you’re looking for sheer elegance, or a warming vibe while you eat, these dining rooms are sure to inspire your space.

1. Metallic Lighting: We love so many things about this dining area, from the Scandinavian chairs to the textiles. But our favorite thing is the obvious centerpiece: those oh-so bronze light fixtures. (via Houzz)

2. Full-Scale Wall Art: If a sunny, springtime feeling is what you’re going for, check out this lovely space. That huge painted canvas is eye-catching, and the blue in the credenza really pops! (via PopSugar)

3. Tropical Elegance: Oh, goodness! We sure do love that wallpaper. This looks like a scene from the 1920s. Teatime, anyone? Martinis, maybe? (via Turquoise Chic)

4. Statement Table: A cozy breakfast nook can be taken up a notch with an incredible table like this one. (via Flickr)

6. Terrific Textiles: A tablecloth need not cover your beautiful wooden surface. This runner has such an interesting pattern, don’t you think? (via Domaine)

7. Geometry Meets Nature: We think this room is incredible. Just look at the contrast between the floor tiles, the wall paper and those modern turquoise chairs! (via BA Interior Design)

8. Mid-Century Mod: Speaking of chairs, we are utterly obsessed with these beauties. Not to mention the glorious color scheme in this dining room and the amazing ceiling stenciling! (via The Glamorous Housewife)

9. Elegant Neutrals: A glorious white space is classic, as this dining room proves. It’s airy, and the plant accents make it feel absolutely fresh. (via Homedit)

10. Tones and Textures: We had to do a double-take when we first saw that photo. It looks like the chandelier is part of the image. We like a little brain teaser with our breakfast. (via Demask and Dentelle)

11. Fun With Florals: Those chairs look like they belong in Hollywood, don’t they? There’s no business like show business… and an elegant dining room! (via Better Homes and Gardens)

12. The Round Table: This centerpiece is also a good example of how to add color to a dining room. But we’d also like to give a shout out to the round table — a totally underrated piece of furniture. (via Savvy Home)

13. Brass Chandelier: Dynamic lighting choices like this one are always a good idea when you’re looking to give your dining room a bold accent. (via Afflante)

14. An Inspiring Space: This dining table also doubles as a study area. Next to the bookshelf, the modern lamp is a intelligent addition. (via Savvy Home)

15. Beauty in Simplicity: For a more casual vibe, consider a plain table and chairs, then focus on spicing up your space with the accents. (via Live Creating Yourself)

16. Beautiful Botany: We don’t know about you, but we’re a big fan of green in a space. In the form of flowers, that is. If you don’t have a green thumb, grab some bouquets from the store and showcase prints like the ones on this wall. (via Kitka Design Toronto)

17. Painting Cluster: Can we just say how much we adore this room and the cluster of canvases on the wall? It feels like it’s coming straight out of France. (via By Stephanie Lynn)

19. Mismatched Chairs: Can’t decide on any one type of chair to pull up to your table? No problem! You can have it all. (via Sulia)

20. Dot Wall Art: These gold dots are adorable and easy to DIY! They look great next to that diamond-patterned rug and the Swedish-style crosses inside that tray. (via Kristin Grove)

21. Bold Accent Paintings: We’re beginning to see a pattern here: Incredible light fixtures, florals and metallic accents and beautiful wooden tables! (via Glamour Drops)

22. Edison Bulbs: This mid-century modern room has a hint of a steampunk feel to us. Maybe it’s the Edison bulbs and the metal shelving. Whatever it is, we like it! (via PopSugar)

23. Glass Table: Sometimes you don’t want the table to be the centerpiece. This adorably rustic room is all about the textile rug. (via Design Milk)

How do you decorate the space where you meet to eat? Tell us about it in the comments below!