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20 Recipes That Will Change How You Think About Cornbread

If you think cornbread is only for Thanksgiving, think again lovelies! These recipes are OMG yummy so start stockin’ up on cornmeal ASAP.


14 All-Raw Recipes You’ll Want in on. Really.

Pepper these 14 raw recipes into your diet here and there and see just how delicious and satisfying the switch-up can be!


16 Vegan Desserts You’d Never Guess Were Vegan Desserts

Dessert is pretty much the best meal of the day, yes? If you’re with us, join us in a virtual fist pump for the sweet goodness that is dessert. And what’s even better than dessert? Well, if you have dietary restrictions, vegan dessert, of course! Now, just because it’s vegan doesn’t make it healthy, but you knew that already. Get ready to fall in love because not only are these desserts vegan, they’re naughty in the most delicious of ways possible.


12 Salad Dressing Recipes You Should Definitely Make Yourself

Like lasagna, a good soup and a decadent chocolate cake, a go-to salad dressing should be something you can whip up at a moment’s notice. And once you’ve tested out a couple of the following recipes, you’ll wonder why you ever bothered buying salad dressing at the store in the first place. DIY dressing is cheaper, tastier, prime for packing in those cute vessels you collect and always at the ready as a gift for friends. Basically, these 12 recipes are about to change your life.


13 Kitchen Containers to Buy or DIY

Kitchen storage containers are essential for any kitchen. And while they tend to be more functional then fun, they can also be a creative way to let your personality come out to play. The latter sounds way better to us. Not only will your new kitchen containers spruce up your countertop, they will also be great conversation starters at your next dinner party. No matter if you decide to buy or DIY, get ready to contain yourself.


19 Vegan Recipes Worthy of Your Next Dinner Party

Impress your guests at your next dinner party with an mmm-mmm good menu that keeps ’em guessing what’s in each dish… or not in! Go veeg at your next dinner party with recipes that keep the integrity, flavor and textures of the delicious dishes they’re used to without the meat. Added bonus: You’ll be laying out one colorful spread. A bounty of veggies brings out the rainbow that everyone will be Instagram-ing before they chow down. Get inspired by these 18 super yummy vegan recipes to celebrate Earth Day and beyond.


15 Cool as a Cucumber Recipes That Refresh and Hydrate

Nothing says fresh, crisp, clean and hydrating like a cucumber. They cure puffy eyes and are filled with important antioxidants that help keep skin looking fresh and our immune system strong. Here are 15 ways to add more cucumbers to your life.


28 Vegan Recipes You’ll Love Even If You Like Meat

We want to share with you just what’s possible without meat or dairy. You don’t even have to own a dreamcatcher to enjoy it or even know what one is (but if you really want a dreamcatcher, make this one). The next 28 recipes are super mouthwatering so you might not want to look at this until after your lunch break. Fair warning.


A Dozen Ways to Kickstart Your Day With Granola

If you remember granola as being something that you reluctantly ate when your mom was on a health kick when you were a kid, it’s time to re-examine! It Seems as though granola is having a popularity wave with the emphasis being on innovation. Everything from Goji Berries to Green Tea are being added to fancy up this once, ordinary food. The next 12 recipes will show you just what we mean. They are far from boring and the best part is, they are totally versatile for when you’re on the go. Eat for breakfast, throw in your gym bag for a pre -workout snack or put some by your desk for a blood sugar fix in the afternoon.