Kitchen storage containers are essential for any kitchen. And while they tend to be more functional then fun, they can also be a creative way to let your personality come out to play. The latter sounds way better to us. Not only will your new kitchen containers spruce up your countertop, they will also be great conversation starters at your next dinner party. No matter if you decide to buy or DIY, get ready to contain yourself.

1. General Eclectic Canisters ($22): General Electric has a huge mishmash of canisters in a rainbow of fun colors and patterns that are different, but all complement each other.

2. DIY Stain Glass Canisters: In three easy steps, these could be yours. (via Laura Parke)

3. Verdant Canister ($78): You could store your flour in this canister, or you could store something that you made out of that flour in the canister. Hello, Oreo chip cookies.

4. Neon DIY for the Kitchen: Make your kitchen as chic as your closet by using string to decorate your containers. (via Paper and Stitch)

5. Wire and Nail Hanging Spice Storage: These hanging spice jars are super cute and totally functional, especially if you are short on cupboard space. (via Freckled Laundry)

6. DIY Dipped Containers: Spray paint, foam letters and a love of color are all you need to make these handy little holders a part of your kitchen. (via This Little Street)

7. Mu-te Soji Tutu: Something this simple and beautiful with just the right amount of color can only come out of Japan.

8. DIY Kitchen Canister Glass Etching: Glass containers are classy in any kitchen. Learn how to make them pop by etching into the glass. You’ll be surprised how easy it is! (via Brit + Co.)

9. DIY Jar Labels: We are loving this entire situation! Not only will you be able to know exactly what is in your jars, you can erase the chalk when it’s time to hold something new. Very clever indeed. (via Sarah Hearts)

10. Chalk Board Storage Jars ($28): And for those of you who don’t have time on your hands, here’s the shoppable version. But since you still need to write whatever it is you’re putting in each one on them, we think this still counts as a DIY project.

11. Milk Jug Lunch Box: There has never been a cuter, more clever way to sport your sandwich, ever! (via Cream de la Craft)

12. Ostrich Jars: If there’s anything we’ve taught you, it’s that animals on objects makes them infinity cuter. This DIY makes use of plastic toy animals painted in whatever hue moves you. (via Torie Jayne)

13. Fox Animal Wooden Lid Ceramic Canister Container ($15): If you’re not the DIY kind, we have you covered, too. These fox containers are super unique and at $15, who can resist?

Are you a seasoned DIY-er or do you prefer to buy already made? We want to know in the comments below!