Hey travel bugs, do you have a travel bucket list? That list where you put the crazy adventures, luxurious hotels and exotic destinations in the 鈥渟omeday鈥 column? Well, dare to make that dream a reality with this ultimate bucket list 鈥 an infographic from Love Home Swap. It takes you on a whirlwind tour of the globe: 46 countries, 255 days and about $80,000. Oh yeah鈥 the money bit鈥 well, why not dream, eh? That鈥檚 the point of bucket lists after all, right?

Your epic journey begins with an almost-month-long stint in Europe, where you鈥檒l do NBD things like take part in La Tomatina in Spain and ride over the North Pole in a hot air balloon.

From there, you鈥檒l head down to Africa and鈥 wait鈥 what鈥檚 this?!? Ride a freaking ostrich?!?!?!

After hitting up the rest of the world (we鈥檇 go through the continents, but we think you likely have that covered), you head to the place where maybe you left your heart 鈥 yup, San Francisco.

To see how the entire trip plays out, click over to Love Swap Home.

What does your travel bucket list look like? Share your must-sees in the comments below!