While our favorite Disney mermaid couldn’t wait to “be where the people are,” WE can’t stop fantasizing about the idea of a real-life undersea slumber party. Good news: It is possible to spend a night with the fishiessans snorkel. From your own fully staffed submarine to a tri-level floating suite in the Indian Ocean, there’s no shortage of amazing underwater resorts out there. Here are some of our favorite spots for where to stay submerged in style.

1. The Manta Resort, Pemba, Zanzibar: This floating, tri-level suite is an ocean lover’s dream come true. Spend the day lounging on the surface-level sundeck or pop down below to the bedroom, a glass box four meters below the ocean’s surface. And there’s no need to hang a Do Not Disturb sign since visitors can only access the resort via a private wooden boat.

2. Lovers Deep, Caribbean: This luxury submarine blows the typical dinner and movie date night out of the water. You control the location (chose from any of the Caribbean islands), and the Lovers Deep team will take care of the rest. Romantic extras include scattered rose petals, an aphrodisiac-infused menu and a soundtrack curated for underwater lovin’. But submarine slumber parties don’t come cheap — one night will cost you almost $300K.

3. Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, Rangali Island, Maldives: Extraordinary is an understatement when it comes to these chic underwater accommodations. This luxe property features private plunge pools, luxe villas and award-winning spas. Dream about dining in the company of sea creatures? Don’t miss your opportunity at the resort’s famed Ithaa Restaurant, where you’ll also find floor-to-ceiling ocean views and the world’s first underwater wine cellar.

4. Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai: If you thought bubble baths were exciting, wait until you check into this luxury underwater resort. The three-story suites have tubs surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows. When’s the last time you were able to spy on more than 50,000 different species of sea creatures while you were soaking? And the luxury touches don’t stop there. All of the bathroom’s amenities are made with *real* gold.

5. Huvafen Fushi, North Malé Atoll, Maldives: While the rooms at this resort are above water, the property’s spa, LIME, is completely submerged. This might be the only time during a massage when you *won’t* want to doze off into deep relaxation. The geniuses at LIME strategically placed mirrors just above the spa bed’s face so you can easily scope sea life as you’re being pampered. The special treatment beds lined with water mattresses help to set the mood.

6. Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Key Largo, Florida: Adventure lovers, take note: The only way to reach this hotel is by scuba diving 21 feet down. Formerly the La Chalupa Research Laboratory, this wacky resort is the most modest of the group by far. Guests share bathrooms and the use of the hotel’s common area, which features an entertainment center and a kitchenette. We suggest booking the JUL for Two package ($800) to experience the property’s world famous underwater pizza delivery (yes, you read that correctly).

7. Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji: Billed as the world’s first seafloor resort, this yet-to-open five-star property has everything from a super swanky restaurant to a library to an underwater wedding chapel. The opening date is still TBD, and you better start saving your sand dollars now because reservations at this high-end resort were priced at a weekly rate of $30,000 per couple.

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