Fast fashion store and international juggernaut Zara has stepped into the gender-neutral clothing ring by launching a unisex collection last week. The new line, labeled Ungendered, features a full range of casual clothes in neutral shades modeled by both men and women. It would seem that this gesture is a move in the right direction as people continue to explore and erase the boundaries between the sexes 鈥 Ruby Rose anybody?


Zara isn鈥檛 the first retailer to add 鈥済ender neutral鈥 to their r茅sum茅 鈥 Selfridges鈥 store has a gender-neutral collection as well 鈥 but Zara鈥檚 affordable prices, market domination and international reach means that more people will have access to clothing without gender binaries.


Not everyone is in love with the move, though.

Many have pointed out that, without the inclusion of things like skirts or crop tops, the Ungendered collection doesn鈥檛 really challenge gender norms, presenting instead a socially-acceptable 鈥渕asculine鈥 view of androgyny. Some detractors have argued that Ungendered is another unisex collection that offers nothing new. Either way, it鈥檚 gotten people talking.

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(h/t Popsugar; photos via Zara)