No matter the location, a fireplace is the focal point of any room — and often serves as the functional element on a chilly night. But imagine the endless possibilities for creatively decorating your fireplace without a flame. We’ve got some fun and chic ways to give some love to your home’s hot spot. But even if you don’t have an actual fireplace, fear not! We also have faux DIY fireplace inspos for you too. Scroll on for 19 unique decor ideas that you (or a roomie) can’t help but love.


1. DIY Faux Fireplace With Hearth: When you don’t have a fireplace of your own, you can create your own DIY faux fireplace with ease. Make it just in time for the holidays, and you’ll have a prime location for all of your stockings. (via Make It Love It)


2. Color Block Fire Logs: You can make that fireplace a pretty focal point and create the illusion of depth with fire logs. Take it one step further and paint a variety of colors on these to make your fireplace *pop* even more. (via Style by Emily Henderson)


3. DIY Faux Fireplace: Anyone can make a faux fireplace with cute cactus pots. But you’ll bring out some real architectural interest by adding subway tiles to your backdrop. (via The Proper Blog)


4. Baskets & Blankets: Get super cozy and creative with your fireplace by storing living essentials, like baskets filled with blankets, throw pillows and sweaters. Add a stylish rug and you’ve got a newly decorated fireplace/storage space in minutes. (via Coco Kelley)


5. Wine & Dine by the Fire: You normally drink hot cocoa by the fire, but now it’s time to enjoy some delicious wine. Set up a fun hangout near your mantle and stock up on your favorite wines. (via SF Girl by Bay)


6. Open & Airy Layout: If your eye is drawn straight to the fireplace in your large living room, upgrade your traditional wood with long and beautiful tree logs. Add in some pinecones for an even better way to keep your home smelling like the fresh outdoors. (via Pink Peonies)


7. Minimalistic Fireplace Decorating: You know how easy it is to run out of coffee table space when you’re an avid magazine reader. So go ahead and add stacks of your beloved Vogue and Cosmo to your fireplace. (via Mango & Salt)


8. Bright Yellow Fireplace: With calmly painted walls, you may find yourself wanting to add a pop of color to your beige or gray space. A fun way to do this is by making your mantle a sunshine yellow and incorporating unique accents. (via Bklyn Bride)


9. Modernized Chalk Fireplace: This chalkboard fireplace is definitely a unique way to add a little holiday cheer to your chimney-less space. So grab your chalk and get creative! (via Apartment Therapy)


10. Bright Pillow Accents: Turn your fireplace into a spot where you can lounge and find comfort. Adding bright throw pillows and comfortable rugs is a must. You can find these and other colorful pillows here. (via Nasualua or Cotton & Flax)


11. DIY Faux Fireplace: Your faux fireplace doesn’t have to look fake. Try your hand at this modern (and real-looking) fireplace — could’ve fooled us! (via A Beautiful Mess)


12. Kitchen Fireplace: You might be asking yourself how to revamp your kitchen fireplace. Fear not: If it’s smack dab in the middle of your kitchen, forgo the flame and add all of your favorite cookbooks and spice jars. (via At Home in Love)


13. Mirror Faux Fireplace: Add the illusion of space by putting a chic mirror on your mantle, with cute accents displayed. Switch up your decor each season and your home will stay updated and fresh. (via At Home in Love)

14. Geometric Fireplace: Skip the traditional look and add an eclectic array of color and shapes. This geometric-inspired fireplace is a striking way to add color to your space.


15. World Traveler: There’s no right or wrong way to decorate your flameless fireplace. This bright boho inspo shows us that you can still be a world traveler, even if it’s in the confines of your own fireplace. Fill your walls and mantel with keepsakes from your adventures to tie it all together. (via Decor 8 Blog)


16. Reading Nook Faux Fireplace: Create a reading and lounging oasis by making your fireplace your own little reading nook. Add a comfortable chair and side table for the ultimate finishing touches. (via Grand Design Co)


17. Heirloom Pumpkin Display: ‘Tis the season of PSLs and all things pumpkin. You’ll find yourself in the spirit of the holidays with these festive pumpkin decorations in your fireplace. (via Sarah Tucker)


18. Bookcase Fireplace: You can DIY this look by visiting your favorite thrift store. It may not look like it, but this is a recycled bookcase turned into a faux fireplace. (via Home Talk)


19. DIY Faux Fireplace Mantle: This sister duo decided they missed having a fireplace as the focal point in their home. With that in mind, they decided to DIY a faux fireplace after their move. This easy DIY is great for beginning woodworkers. (via Petite Party Studio)

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