If there’s one thing Posh Spice has proven, it’s that she’s got more skills than just being the most fashionable member of theeeeee girl band of the ’90s. This #girlboss has been running her own clothing label, Victoria Beckham, for quite some time now. In fact, her company was just named Brand of the Year at this year’s British Fashion Awards. Since she’s clearly got the whole garment thing down, it seems Beckham is moving onto manicures.

The British beauty recently released a collaboration with Nails Inc. on two ultra chic polishes. Unlike Beyoncé’s new wild nail wraps she just collaborated on with NCLA, Beckham’s polishes are minimalistic, classic and, in a word, posh.

The first color, labeled “Bamboo White,” can be described as a milky vanilla. If you’re looking for a basic polish that’ll match with everything, go with this option. Beckham’s second color is named “Judo Red” and is vibrant but not overly rich. It’s definitely a red you can use as a go-to for a quick and stunning manicure and your everyday, year ’round pedicure.

The polishes will set you back $25 each or $45 for the duo set. While that might seen like an excessive price to pay for nail polish, these bottles are formulated with bamboo extract to help build healthy nails and ensure a perfectly smooth application. Plus, they’re also designed by one of the coolest Brits around, so that helps.

What’s your all-time favorite nail polish color? Share your go-to shade with us in the comments below.