Last week’s celebration of beer got us to thinking even more about drinking than usual. We’ve already shown you how to turn a tumbler and shot glass into a universal party glass, how to turn wine bottles into tumblers, and how to turn a mason jar into a coffee cup, but what about all the unique and unusual glassware already on the market?

To prep you properly for a festive football weekend and plenty more happy hours ahead, here are 20 pieces of unique and unusual glassware.

1. Magnetic Shot Glasses ($26): Keep those shot glasses in check with this magnetic tray + glass set. Turning it upside down is definitely a fun party trick for calling out those friends who skimped on the shot-taking.

2. Icy Highball Glasses ($55 for 2): Love the icicle-inspired look of these highball glasses.

3. Cupa Glasses & Wood Holder ($90): Who says your cups can’t be a little tipsy too?

4. RedNek Wine Glasses ($25 for 2): You’ve probably seen this at some point. Mason jars plus candlesticks obviously equal redneck wine glasses :)

5. Wine Hourglasses ($75 for 4): Pace yourself with this fun set of hourglasses.

6. Coca Cola Drinking Glasses ($13 for 6): Can’t beat the real thing!

7. Gold Leaf Glassware ($20): These gold-dipped glasses are perfect for winter soirees, Oscars viewing parties, and any old Tuesday night.

8. Winestein ($19): Turning into a wino but still love a classic beer bug? Winestein time.

9. Crinkled Cup ($10): Inspired by Rob Brandt’s famous 1975 art piece, these crinkled glasses are tricky.

10. Red Cup Wine Glass ($6): Solo cup-inspired glassware for folks who can’t leave those college days behind.

11. Swivel Cognac Glass ($47 for 2): Made to cradle in the hand and savor select cognacs and liqueurs, this glass is certainly out of the ordinary.

12. Blade Runner Whiskey Glass ($150 for 2): Might seem like a lot to spend on a pair of glasses, but it’s the same glass used in Blade Runner!

13. Cocktail Roller Rock Glass ($18): This glass comes with a super special spherical ice cube mold and has a built in “rock” at the bottom allowing the ice ball to swirl naturally around the glass.

14. Zipper Wine Glass ($16): You know we love zippers :)

15. Tsaikka Hot Drink Glasses ($65 for 2): Perfect for chai hot toddies, if we do say so ourselves.

16. Musical Wine Glasses ($63 for 2): Each glass is equipped with musical notations that correspond to the level of liquid in the glass and will produce the correct note when you run your finger along the rim of the glass. A full set of 12 covers an entire octave! We like to think this product was inspired by one Miss Congeniality.

17. Waterfowl Whiskey Glasses ($25 for 4): Ca-caw! Learn about the birds of the water as you sip your latest bottle of Bulleit.

18. Double Wall Irish Coffee Glasses ($30 for 2): Another option for keeping hot drinks hot, these double wall glasses are gorgeous.

19. Glass Tank ($340): More a conceptual sculpture than a practical glass, this acts as a decanter and glass for one.

20. Swimmers (Unavailable): Love this playful pair.

What cool and unusual glasses have you seen lately? Share your finds with us in the comments below, or say hi on Facebook or Twitter.