Limousines and vintage cars are lovely in their own right, but for the truly rebellious couple, these wedding vehicles might seem… a little done. Whether you’re saying your vows in the city or in the desert, an unexpected vehicle can be both surprisingly practical and incredibly memorable. And not to mention, as these wedding photographers prove, they can make for some truly next-level photos. Thinking of trying out a trendy option on your day? Check out our top picks for transportation below. No regrets, we promise.

1. VW Bus: If you truly can’t stand to wait one minute before starting your adventures together, this might be the wedding getaway vehicle for you — emphasis on “getaway.” A vintage VW van pre-loaded with the couple’s luggage makes for a quick escape. (via People Producciones)

2. Four-Wheelers: Sure, it’s a little unconventional, but what better way to get around during a wedding in the hills? We’re revved up about this idea. (via Ján Saloň)

3. Camels: For the truly bohemian bride, what better way to make an entrance to her wanderlust-y wedding than his-and-hers camels? (via L’As de Coeur Photo + Cinema)

4. Vintage Pickup Truck: This ride was even more special for the couple because it was fully restored by the bride’s father— an extra-personal touch that shines through. (via Michael Schultz Photography)

5. Tandem Bike: There’s nothing more romantic than a bicycle built for two. This seems like the sweetest way to start your life together. (via Tim Kurth Fotografie)

6. Bike Cab: Prefer to let someone else handle the legwork? Take in the crisp fall air with your new life partner in a bike cab — decked out in tulle, of course. (via Nina & Wes)

7. Motorcycle: Are you a couple with a rebellious streak? Make a dramatic exit as you ride off into the sunset together. (via Julien Navarre)

8. Rowboat: Ok, this is total #goals. Between the gorgeous fall florals and the moody hue of the rowboat, this just might be the most romantic getaway yet. (via Carol Oliva Photography)

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