We鈥檙e all about unexpected summer beauty hacks ATM (even Kylie Jenner has a trick up her sleeve or two), but in the world of beauty and fashion, it鈥檚 time to start looking ahead to fall (let鈥檚 just pretend cold weather isn鈥檛 a thing). Makeup giant Urban Decay will certainly be making the transition easier 鈥 the company just teased the launch of its brand new Moondust eyeshadow palette. *cue freakout*


鈥淗ey UDers,鈥 the brand wrote via Instagram. 鈥淭his is something you鈥檝e been asking for. We鈥檙e sending your glitter addition into overdrive with our first ever Moondust eyeshadow palette coming with our fall lineup!鈥

Gah! This sparkly, shiny, unicorn-approved palette looks utterly beyond, and we can鈥檛 BELIEVE we have to wait several months to get our hands on it!

Featuring eight shades that range from silver to turquoise, the palette has a color for every mood and occasion, and jusssst enough glitter to let your inner diva shine bright (like a diamond). What鈥檚 more, each shade comes in the company鈥檚 signature cream-to-powder formula, making it perfect for all-day wear.

Urban Decay Moondust

Although the Moondust shadows are currently available as one-offs ($21 each), this is the first time the eight stunning hues have been brought together in such beautiful harmony.

We鈥檙e certainly not the only ones that are excited: The news sparked a complete Twitter freakout of massive proportions, with makeup-loving gals across the globe going wild for the upcoming release. Just take a look at some of these hilarious 鈥 but oh, so relatable 鈥 responses to the big announcement:

Yes, @XRoseNightX, you鈥檙e so, soooo right! We think everyone should get a Moondust palette鈥 or two. Maybe even a whole stack of them. It is for science, after all, and who are we to deny scientific research?!

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(h/t Bustle, photos via Urban Decay/@urbandaycosmetics)