We've all got those one dollar throw away Wayfarer style sunnies. Whether they were part of a halloween costume, a giveaway at a festival, or a survival tool at a super sunny summer wedding, it's likely you've got one, two, or maybe ten pairs of these classic shades lying around the house.

Naturally, it's time to trick 'em out!

 – sunglasses

– magnetic nail polish (we used Sally Hansen and China Glaze)

– painter's tape

– optional: clear top coat

As always, gather your materials. Make sure to grab some construction paper or scrap paper to work on.

For our first variety, we went for a straightforward tortoise shell pattern. Simply paint the sunglasses with the magnetic polish, use the magnet to create patterns, and you're done. For the sides, we rotated the magnet every so often to create a varied pattern.

So simple!

And so chic!

For folks who want to get a little fancier, go for stripes! For these we simply used painter's tape, snipped it up and created a pattern on the sides of the sunglasses.

Twist things up a bit by using different colored magnetic polishes and magnets so you can super crazy with patterns. Our second striped pair looks like a whole bunch of fun animal prints thrown together. So fun!

How do you trick out your sunglasses for summertime? Let us know in the comments below or over on Twitter. And if a DIY isn't quite your jam, be sure to check out our roundup of hot shades for summer 2012 as well as all sorts of accessories for your sunnies.