Looking to send a care package in the near future? First off, props to you for going outside the social media channels to show a little love. Secondly, have we got some news for you! USPS is actually pretty flexible with what they will deliver to your front door. We bet you’re thinking, “Oh yeah, like what? Coconuts?” You betcha. “Frisbees?” Oh, yeah! Whether you are looking to send a care package or a silly parcel, these 12 packages go beyond your typical snail mail. And just as easy to mail as they are to ship a standard package or crate, these parcels simply need a clear address and sufficient postage. Your mailman (or woman) will definitely be entertained.

1. Balloon Surprise: Okay, okay, we all know that boxes ship just fine via USPS, but did you know you can send a ballon-gram as a fun little surprise? We are thinking this would be a super cute “Will you be my bridesmaid?” option. (via Bon Bon Balloons)

2. Disposable Camera: Everybody loves a little disposable camera action. Send the fun via USPS and a few layers of bubble wrap. (via Givers Log)

3. Coconut Express: Send that aloha vibe home next time you travel to Hawaii. Sure, it’ll take quite a few stamps, but it will definitely be worth it. (via Imgur)

4. Plastic Bottle Invites: Reuse those landfill-bound plastic bottles for your next party invite or care package. Fill it with art supplies, trinkets or candy; the possibilities really are endless. (via Oriental Trading)

5. Holiday Decorations: Instead of mailing holiday cards, why not send some decorations and twinkly lights? Your recipients will be merry indeed. (via Givers Log)

6. Lipstick Birthday Card: Give the gift of smooth, soft lips for your best gal’s birthday. After gluing on her happy birthday banner, just roll it all up and wrap it well. (via Givers Log)

7. Candy Box: Send a sweet parcel like this to your favorite pen pal. They’ll love the sugary surprise. (via Sometimes Creative)

8. Flip Flop: Now isn’t this just the cutest snail mail you’ve ever seen? Send it to your bestie before your next seaside vacay. (via Sandy Toes and Popsicles)

9. Frisbee: We’re thinking the mailman (or woman) might get a kick out of this one. Now if only we could attach a tiny hidden Go Pro to this guy… (via LJ World)

10. Ice Cream Sandwiches: Summer is almost here, so whip up some of those beloved (foam) ice cream sammies to send to all your friends. (via She Knows)

11. Candy Parcel: Perfect for a Valentine, this candy tube would definitely win our hearts. This would also be a great party invite when filled with confetti or glitter. (via Damask Love)

12. Piñata-gram: Getting a piñata in the mail would make our day — scratch that — WEEK. (via Studio DIY)

Are you inspired to mail a fun package? Which parcel would you love to receive via USPS? Let us know if the comments below!