Stamp collecting might not be at the top of your list when it comes to things you want to try in your lifetime, but we’re going to show you a little something today that might change your mind. Let’s just say those “flowers of America” and “holiday cheer” books have nothing on artist Diana Beltran Herrera, who has taken the stamp game to an entirely new level with her gorgeous 3D bird-themed stamps created from — get this — paper cut-outs.

Okay, so these might not be the best choice to stand up to the bumping and bustling of mail travel, but that won’t necessarily stop us from oohing, ahhing and desperately wanting to buy these beautiful works of art.

The fact that they’re paper-sized (instead of stamp-sized) only makes us want them more. Talk about a funky piece of wall art!

Paper transforms into realistic flowers and natural elements to create large-scale versions of actual stamps that Herrera has acquired in the past few years. This isn’t Herrera’s first bird-themed project, either. She first got attention for her paper skills by designing life-sized sculptures of birds from around the world, made with — you guessed it — paper.

What do you think of these amazing pieces? Would you jump at the chance to buy one? Does this inspire you to get into paper crafting? Tell us below!

(h/t Design Taxi)