It seems like there are few things more enticing to millennials than an opportunity to quit a traditional job and set off on an adventure. Although not all of us can be travel bloggers, there are so many ways to hack a nomadic lifestyle that it’s not impossible to make it work. One lifestyle we’ve been following, the van life, is a delicious mixture of DIY, nature-worship, free-spiritedness, and adventure that is hard to take your eyes away from. Here are nine #VanLife Instagrammers that may inspire you to take off on your own road trip.

1. @bluebusadventure: Blue Bus Adventures are two photographers from the San Francisco area who now live full-time in a converted school bus, traveling and taking photos. The couple downsized from 1,500 to 100 sq. feet of living space, allowing them to capture amazing moments from remote locations.

2. @40hoursoffreedom: Sarah and Alex of 40 Hours of Freedom ditched the nine-to-five for their DIY home on wheels after Alex’s father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. “You aren’t promised the golden age of retirement,” Sarah writes. Their work week entails traveling full-time and running an affiliate marketing business out of their luxe van.

3. @al_kate_wake: Alice and Adam are traveling Australia in their self-converted Renault Master van. “Although living on the road certainly has its challenges, it’s all part of the adventure and the good far out weights the bad,” Adam writes.

4. @morgabob: Morgan Brown travels solo in a 1970s VW van and makes connections with people talking about what no one likes to talk about: death and loss. Her work is expressed via writing, interactive art installations, and a podcast. Her current project is traveling across the country with a portable phone booth, hosting an experience called Conversations I Wish I Had, inviting people to have private conversations they wish they had with people who have died.

5. @fernthebus: Fern the Bus is Ben and Mande, who travel the US and Canada in a converted school bus, named after the animal-loving girl in Charlotte’s Web. They make the most of their adventures with hiking, fishing, and paddle boarding wherever they go.

6. @theseasidevan: The Seaside Van features Mira and Guille, a couple who travels along the coast, living in their self-converted van and surfing every chance they get. They filmed their van conversion to show followers how they did it.

7. @luv_martha: Luv Martha is an entrepreneur who makes bikinis while living in her converted school bus. She keeps it real about what living on the road is like. “I live and sew in this tiny school bus and sometimes that’s amazing and sometimes that’s hard,” she writes. “I do periodically doubt if I can realistically make a living long term… but ultimately, I’m so content with this funny little life, and it is totally and completely mine… and that’s a pretty amazing thing.”

8. @repoweredram: Carolina of Repowered Ram is a college student living full time in her eco-friendly van, which she calls Roxi. The van was converted into a living space using renewable and repurposed materials and is fitted with solar panels to allow Carolina to live off-the-grid.

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Part of traveling and living in a van is embracing that there will ALWAYS be continuous work to be done on it (especially if it's an oldie). After a week of recuperating from jet-lag and *trying* to organize our life again, we have yet another long to do list with Terra: - fix the back door leaking so we can actually drive in the rain -solve an electrical problem that appeared during our month long absence. The radio, auxilirary battery and ignition button are dead. -get our suspensions checked, we've been hearing an odd noise going over speed bumps (there are A LOT of them in Latin America) And of course, collect more veggie oil, filter, plan our next destination, renew the van's permissiom in the country, and maybe get around to writing another blog. So, no, we are never bored. ✌ . Parte de viajar y vivir en una camioneta es aceptar que SIEMPRE va haber trabajo continuo que hacerle al vehiculo (sobre todo si es chochita). Despues de una semana recuperandonos de tremendo viaje y cambio de horario, estamos nuevamente *tratando* de organizarnos y con una lista larga de cosas pendiente con Terra: - arreglar el goteo en la puerta de atras para por fin poder manejar en lluvia -resolver un problema electrico que apareció en nuestro mes de ausencia, la radio, bateria auxiliar y el boton de arranque estan muertos. - revisar la suspensión porque escuchamos un ruido extraño al pasar por tumulos (topes en Mx y policia acostado en Vzla). Y claro, recolectar aceite vegetal, filtrarlo, planificar el proximo destino, renovar el permiso de la camioneta y ver si nos da tiempo de escribir otro blog. Como verán, es imposible aburrirnos. . . #vanlifediaries #projectvanlife #diy #diycamper #diylife #homeiswhereyouparkit #homeonwheels #roadtrip #simpleliving #vancrush #overland #overlanding #latinoamerica #explore #nature #naturaleza #adventure #LetsCamp #travel #viajar #travelblog #pachamama #ecologia #ecotravel #biofuel #wvo #recycle #reciclaje

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9. @veggiebusdiaries: This couple — Johanna, a nature lover, and Aidan, a doctor — is living full-time in a van traveling through Latin America, visiting rural communities along the way. Their van runs on vegetable fuel, which they collect from hotels and restaurants on the road, in order to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Their blog chronicles their adventures and is called Camino Casamel, or “journey of our dreams.”

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