Whether you’re a vegetarian or are just trying to find a new #meatlessmonday lunch, packing a well-balanced meal without the help of animal protein can be tricky. A bento-style lunch box is a great tool to ensure you’re giving your body a variety of different foods. Fill up each section and just make sure you have at least one veggie, fruit, protein and grain when you’re finished. You’ll be surprised how easy it actually is. Check out the 17 vegetarian bento box lunches below to get inspired.


1. Tortellini Kabobs: This colorful lunch with kabobs full of spinach tortellini, tomatoes and balls of mozzarella cheese makes eating with your fingers totally acceptable. (via Design Improvised)


2. Veggie Sushi: Just because you choose not to eat fish doesn’t mean you can’t get your sushi on. This veggie version features a cream cheese, cucumber and carrot filling that will make you wish you made more. (via Kid’s Kitchen)


3. Hummus Veggie Wraps: Spread your favorite hummus on a whole wheat tortilla and top with thin ribbons of carrot and a handful of spinach before slicing into rounds. This will quickly become a weekly staple. (via Oh My Veggies)


4. Soba Edamame Tofu Salad: This Asian-inspired lunch is bursting with flavor and will put your coworker’s usual peanut butter and jelly sandwich to shame. (via Veggie Bento Love)


5. Mommy + Me Quesadillas: Plan a lunch date with your little one and watch them light up when they see their meal is just like Mommy’s. Make it fun and challenge them to a race to see who can eat their cucumber slices the fastest (and let them win, of course). (via Betty Crocker)


6. Summer Rolls and Asparagus Soba: To ensure that nothing goes to waste, these rolls are the perfect solution to all that produce sitting in your fridge just waiting to be used. (via Compassionate Fitness)


7. Taco Wraps: Taco Tuesday doesn’t have to be reserved just for dinner. Start the festivities early with easy-to-make taco bites full of black beans, cheese and salsa. Olé! (via Living Lou)


8. Amazing Asian Salad: Mix up this yummy tahini dressing without pulling out your cutting board or dirtying your blender. Now that looks goooood. (via Forest and Fauna)


9. Pizza Buns: Block off a chunk of time over the weekend and make a big batch of bite-sized pizza rolls. Store them in the freezer in pairs and you’ll never go without lunch again. (via Simple As That)


10. Heart-y Pasta: Stick to the comfort-food flavors you love, like pasta with red sauce (fun shapes always help!) and strawberry + balsamic salad. Sometimes you just know what you like. (via Seeking Shade)


11. Veggie Meatballs: Simple, tasty and filling — what more could you ask for? (via Bento Zen)


12. Hard-Boiled Egg and Caprese Salad: Hard-boiled eggs are a great lunch option since they’ll give you the punch of protein you need to make it through the day without making a pit stop at the vending machine. (via The World According to Egg Face)


13. Veggie Sandwich and Hummus: A provolone, spinach and tomato sandwich might be the star of the show here, but the hummus and veggies are the perfect crunchy sidekick. If you’re a habitual snacker, try cutting the vegetables a little smaller and you’ll feel like you’re eating more. (via Super Healthy Kids)


14. Apple Butter Sandwich: Test yourself and try putting a different color food in each compartment of your bento box to see what you can come up with. You just might be surprised at how many options you have. (via Wendolonia)


15. Protein Box: This copycat of a Starbucks protein box is the kind of straight-to-the-point lunch a #girlboss like you needs on a busy day. (via Following in My Shoes)


16. Burrito Bowl: Packing your lunch doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with a sandwich every day. A burrito bowl is easy to put together the night before and will have you counting down the minutes until break time. (via Beneficial Bento)


17. Veggie and Mozzarella Dippers: If you just need something light to hold you over, this no-fuss lunch will make sure you’re not ravenous before dinnertime. (via The World According to Egg Face)

Will you try any of these vegetarian bento box ideas? Do you have your own favorite we should try? We’d love to talk to you!