Just two weeks after The Bachelor’s Vienna Girardi joyfully shared the sex of her twin baby girls with the world, she faced serious heartbreak, revealing the sad news that she actually had suffered a miscarriage. Now, the reality alum is opening up about the devastating loss to televisions’ The Doctors, with mom Tina on hand for support.

Girardi, 25, shared her traumatic experience with viewers, explaining that her water broke at just 18 weeks pregnant due to a medical condition called “twin to twin syndrome.” While relatively rare (the Twin Transfusion Syndrome Foundation cites that it occurs in 15 percent of identical twin births), the condition occurs when abnormal blood vessel connections form and make blood flow unevenly between the two twins.

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Doctors wanted to perform an emergency induction, warning that failing to do so may result in infection, but Girardi refused, with the hopes that her twins could be saved. The decision was one that almost cost the 31-year-old her life, as two days later, she went into septic shock. “I thought I was going to lose my own child and my grand-babies on the same day, and that was just tearing my heart apart,” Tina sobs in the clip.

The mother-to-be was equally emotional, choking up as she relayed how she couldn’t feel her babies moving, a fact which was confirmed by an ultrasound. “I got an ultrasound, and there were no longer any heartbeats.”

Doctors then performed immediate life-saving surgery on Girardi, but not before giving the TV star a scary warning that she may never be able to have children again. Thankfully, all went well, with the TV star’s doctors assuring her that future pregnancies shouldn’t be an issue.

Though she’s recovering physically, her internal scars are much more fresh, with “constant reminders” of her loss everywhere and that getting past her grief seems “impossible.” “For the most part I try my hardest not to think about it,” she said.

Our hearts go out to Girardi for her loss.

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