The Tinder couple who met after their three-year flirtation went viralfinally embarked on their first date in Maui! Josh Avsec and Michelle Arendas allowed Good Morning America 鈥 who arranged the potential couple鈥檚 first official meeting on live TV 鈥 to join them on their getaway, filming from departure to return. Today, GMA reported back on whether we can consider this another success story, or if the duo will be looking to the online dating app for other matches.

Basically, if we asked a Magic 8 Ball whether Avsec and Arendas will end up together, it would probably say, 鈥淭ime will tell.鈥 The two Kent State students seemed a little unsure about whether there would be a second date, although it had to be weird being followed by cameras for the entirety of their first.

Their Maui weekend started with Avsec and Arendas getting lei鈥檇 at the Grand Wailea. They headed to the Lucky Mermaid fountain to cast a wish, then went on an adorable bike ride before retiring poolside for some colorful cocktails.

Breaking down the experience on camera, both kept their cards close to the vest. Arendas said she learned about Avsec鈥檚 鈥渋ncredible energy,鈥 describing him as 鈥渁lways excited and always energetic.鈥 Meanwhile, Avsec admired his date鈥檚 鈥渄etermination and perseverance,鈥 which he called 鈥渞eally rare and awesome to be a part of.鈥

There was no on-camera PDA during the clip (unless you count side-hugging), and no concrete plans to meet up back at school, although Arendas was sure their 鈥減aths will cross鈥 when they return to campus and Avsec said the two are 鈥済onna wanna meet up again.鈥

While the sparks weren鈥檛 exactly flying and we don鈥檛 expect Tinder to offer to pay for their wedding just yet, it sounds like there might still be hope for these two.

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(h/t Mashable; photos via Grand Wailea)