Take a look around you right now. Does your space truly reflect who you REALLY are? Are you surrounded by items and decorations that are inspirational, make you feel happy and motivate you to be your very best self? It’s a lot to ask for from a wall hanging, but we’ve found a few options in our B + C shop that fit the bill. Check out these 10 wall art items that will take your living space (in the words of Drake) from 0-100 real quick!

1. “Mi Casa Es Su Casa” Art Print ($15): Have ‘em saying “gracias” with this art print. What better way to welcome friends into your home?

2. USA Cities Print ($60): Show off your hometown (or new city of residency) love with one of these rad retro-style illustrated prints.

3. You Are the Gin to My Tonic Print ($25): Gift your drinking buddy + BFF this print to thank them for always sticking by your side. We’ll drink to that!

4. Blink Print ($55): Bat those lashes, ladies. This dreamy print will look perfect on your bedroom, living room or even bathroom wall.

5. London Map Decal ($30): Liven up those plain apartment walls with this totally cool decal map of 19th-century London.

6. BE GRAND ($20): Need inspo? Post this print where you’ll see it first thing every morning to get a little encouraging boost in your day.

7. HELLO – Large Die Cut Wall Decal ($50): Well, hello there! This friendly decal adds instant style to your apartment or dorm room wall + happily greets all your guests.

8. Greenleaf Removable Wallpaper ($35): You can now bring the great outdoors inside with this greenery-inspired wallpaper. Plus, it will make the perfect backdrop for your indoor succulent garden.

9. Pizza & Pasta Art Prints ($44): These prints combine the comfort of your fave carb-loaded foods and a healthy dose of wisdom. We think they’ll look super stylish on your kitchen walls.

10. DIY Cardboard Deer Bust Kit – Bucky ($30): Decorate this animal-friendly deer bust with paint, glitter, marker or wrapping paper and prepare yourself for some seriously jealous houseguests.

Which of our picks do you plan on decorating your walls with? Tell us in the comments!