Time is a funny thing, isn鈥檛 it? On nights when we鈥檙e dying to see our favorite on-screen couples reunite (Fitz and Olivia? Danny and Mindy? Matthew and Mary? We love them all!), episodes fly by and time just isn鈥檛 on our side. Or how about on Friday afternoons, when it isn鈥檛 quite quitting time but you鈥檙e so ready to enjoy a night of cocktail-making and serious DIY-ing? We鈥檝e cursed out that little hour hand multiple times. Whether you are staring at a clock or trying your best to avoid it, we found 16 wall clocks to ensure that all those ticks and tocks are at least coming out of a clock that looks fun.

1. Artist Palette Wall Clock聽($48): For all the artists (and painter wannabes), this clock satisfies our deepest need to paint the town red. Plus, how cute are the little paintbrush hands?

2. Fried Egg Wall Clock聽 ($26): Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey! We have to say yes to a homage to our favorite meal of the day.

3. Constellation Wall Clock聽($44): A daydreamer鈥檚 delight! Bonus: This clock is completely eco-friendly!

4. Watercolor Wall Clock聽 ($30): The color scheme is beyond gorgeous and will fit into any and all redecoration scenarios.

5. Ballerina Wall Clock聽 ($10): Okay, so it may be a little late in life for you to become a prima ballerina (they start training at age four), but that doesn鈥檛 mean you can鈥檛 show your love for the art with this playful wall clock.

6. Bike Wheel Clock ($129): How cool is a recycled wheel clock? The wheel mounts directly to the wall through the hub using a hollow wall anchor and gives the illusion that it is floating off the wall.

7. Hourglass Alarm Clock ($45): Using a concealed magnetic connector, the two-in-one timepiece breaks with tradition by uniting three old-fashioned hourglasses with a modern alarm clock.

8. Puzzle Wall Clock聽($30): Modern and eye-catching, this clock is definitely a statement piece for your mantle.

9. Colorful Wall Clock ($45): How cute would this clock look in your kid鈥檚 room? Teaching them how to tell time would be absolutely hilarious. Dinner鈥檚 at purple o鈥檆lock.

10. Dot Wall Clock ($70): The dots design is reminiscent of George Nelson鈥檚 iconic ball clock from the 1960s. The palette is colorful and cheerful, but subtly muted and fairly timeless.

11. Rosie Brown Wall Clock ($69): Inspired by sunny Floridian flowers, this clock should be paired with an exposed brick wall for maximum cheer.

12. Watch Me Clock ($49): Aptly named, this clock has all eyes on its simple and stunning geometric design and perfectly pretty color scheme.

13. Toymaker鈥檚 Clock ($90): Its streamlined design and slight pops of color make this the clock for city dwellers who can鈥檛 get enough stainless steel and floor-to-ceiling windows.

14. Green Lithe Clock ($120): Anyone else thinking this looks like a cat鈥檚 whiskers?

15. Things We Love Clock ($167): Finally, a clock that feels more like real life than a neat and tidy schedule.

16. Pantime Clock ($31): Pantone on your face. Pantone on your body. Pantone in your beer. Pantone in your wedding. Pantone on your clock.

Which clock makes you want to stop time? Comment below!