Hear us out: watermelons are the perfect summer fruit and should be celebrated as such at your next summer soiree. Correction: as your next summer soiree. That’s right, we’re talking about a watermelon-themed party, complete with juicy melon bites, refreshing drinks, pink and green decor galore and an outfit so cute you’ll want to wear it every day. Here are 35 ways to be the hostess with the mostest watermelon.

1. Invitations ($18): To make sure your friends show up for the occasion, send them the where and when on these printed note cards from our very own Brit Shop.

2. Watermelon Ceviche: Everyone loves a caprese salad to kick off a summer feast. Swap out tomatoes and serve your dish with cubes of this refreshing pink fruit instead. (via Brit + Co)

3. Edible Art: If you’re having tacos or want to leave some veggies and cheese out for chip-dipping, make them look like a watermelon. (via Lushome)

4. Watermelon + Feta Quinoa Salad: Make this ahead of time and serve it cold for a sweet, savory and protein-rich side dish. (via GI 365)

5. Watermelon Feta Bites: We love watermelon and feta a little too much. For an extra boost of flavor, drizzle balsamic glaze on these bite-size treats before serving. (via Add A Pinch)

6. Watermelon Blueberry Salsa: There’s a lot more to salsa than tomatoes and onion. Let your guests offset the salty taste of chips with a sweet and fruity relish. (via Love and Olive Oil)

7. Grilled Chicken With Watermelon: For the main course, cook chicken on the grill and drizzle it with a fresh watermelon glaze for a touch of juicy sweetness. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

8. Spiked Watermelon Punch in A Watermelon Drink Dispenser: To wash down all the delicious bites you’ll be serving, you’re going to need some equally yummy beverages. And why not let your watermelon do double duty as the main ingredient in a spiked punch AND the bowl for said punch? Genius. (via Brit + Co)

9. Watermelon Margarita: Fruity and sweet watermelon + bitter tang of tequila + sour spritz of lime + savory garnish of salt = summer’s favorite margarita. (via Sugar and Charm)

10. Jello Shots: These jello shots are almost too cute to take down. Key word being almost. (via Erica’s Sweet Tooth)

11. Watermelon Ice Pops: We love popsicles and can’t resist the refreshing flavors of this sweet and tangy version. (via La Receta de la Felicidad)

12. Pink Watermelon Lemonade Slushies: These are the adult version of those slushies we enjoyed as kids. These are made with all-natural ingredients and avoid the questionable syrups. (via Half Baked Harvest)

13. Watermelon Granitas: For a light slushy dessert, blend and double-freeze a pan of your party’s star fruit. Just don’t forget the dollops of whipped coconut cream. Pro tip: spike these suckers for an after dinner watermelon margarita granita. (via How Sweet It Is)

14. Watermelon Sorbet Wedges: We can’t figure out what we love more: the layered flavor combination of blueberry, lemon and raspberry, or their striking geometric presentation. Let’s say the former, since we know we’re going to eat every last bite. (via Brit + Co)

15. Layered Fruit “Cake” With Watermelon + Cantaloupe: For a seriously guilt-free dessert, layer slices of our favorite melons and top with a few dollops of whipped cream. (via Brit + Co)

16. Cupcakes: These watermelon stunt doubles will give you the look and (added) flavor of the real thing with a hard-to-resist perk: it’s cake. (via Bakingdom)

17. Cookies: Another fruity doppleganger that will satisfy your sweet tooth, these frosted sugar cookies are bound to be a hit at the dessert table. (via Glorious Treats)

18. Tablecloth: With your menu set, you’re probably now thinking about where you’ll serve all your food and drink. You know what they say about an apple a day… it makes a seriously fun watermelon DIY project. (via I Love to Create)

19. Watermelon Napkins: This French tutorial was too beautiful to exclude from our watermelon party roundup. These could work as your dinner napkins or as a party favor for your guests. (via Vanessa Pouzet)

20. Watermelon Cocktail Napkins ($32): These hand printed napkins are great for those of us party planners who may not have time to DIY our own.

21. Cone Wrappers: If you’re serving ice cream cones during the dessert course, outfit them with these adorable watermelon wrappers. (via Design Eat Repeat)

22. Watermelon Wrap: Wrap party favors or line serving trays with this chic watermelon paper. (via Minieco)

23. Watermelon Bunting: This watermelon garland would make for a cute backdrop at the photobooth we hope you’ll have at your watermelon party. Or simply hang it as part of your other decorations. (via Minieco)

24. Watermelon Throw Pillow ($24): Because it’s important to keep your guests’ comfort in mind and your decor on-trend.

25. Toppers: Incorporate these floating watermelon wedges into the party decor by plunging them into a cakey dessert as shown — or use them as beverage stirrers or even photobooth props. (via A Subtle Revelry)

26. Balloons: If your party’s outside, line the perimeter of your yard with these helium-friendly melons or tie them to the food table. And make it easy for your guests to find your home by affixing a few to your mailbox. (via Hostess with the Mostess)

27. Pinwheels: These fruity accordion rounds will give a festive and fun pop of color to your party decor. They may even make for a fun game of DIY frisbee. (via Fiskars)

28. Piñata: Speaking of games, why not let your guests engage their inner child by whacking a candy-filled watermelon wedge? Fill it with your favorite watermelon-flavored sweets. (via Oh Happy Day)

29. Watermelon Sours: Make goody bags for your guests with the piñata-unfriendly sweets that aren’t individually wrapped. These watermelon sours are the perfect fit. (via Lovely Little Parties)

30. Party Favor Box: Or slap a watermelon sticker and red ribbon to a sleek and rustic to-go container for favors or leftovers. (via Kara’s Party Ideas)

31. Plate Favor: Can’t find a to-go container for your favors? Paint a paper plate, fold it in half and you have a watermelon gift box. (via Oh Happy Day)

32. Painted Sunglasses: You know that photobooth we keep encouraging? Yeah, these would be perfect for that. Or as a party favor. Or as one of your accessories. Or all of the above. (via eHow Crafts Blog)

33. D(i)yed Shorts: You don’t have to be a little kid to get away with wearing a watermelon print. Case in point: these adorable shorts. We’re gonna want to wear them for the rest of the summer. (via DIY + Crafts)

34. Nail Art ($13): Want a subtle way to say WOW with watermelon? Paint the sweet and seedy fruit on all ten digits. (via The Design Files)

35. Nail Wrap ($18): Don’t have time to paint each nail? Get your at-home watermelon mani with fruity nail stickers.

Have other ideas for a watermelon summer bash? Tell us about your melon party must-haves below!