Having a little get-together is something we wholeheartedly encourage. But between inviting pals, getting your place up to snuff and then planning and making all of that food — it’s no small feat. And while the most memorable part of any party is the details, you’re probably going to let those fall by the wayside in exchange for executing the perfect cheese souffle… or at least an epic queso bar.

But what if you could get those additional details, without having to make a single Pinterest board or running to a single store? It’s now a reality thanks to Esselle ’s Hostess Box.

You buy your Hostess Box based on party size, which can range anywhere from an intimate gathering of two (think Valentine’s Day) to a hearty gathering of 10 (that’d be Thanksgiving). And because Esselle thinks you should have at least one dinner party per season, they offer a different box for each one of the seasons.

Since it’s spring, let’s look at the Amelia collection. The box comes packing a bright yellow table runner, chevron paper straws, a mix of floral and solid napkins, tissue paper poms, vintage vases for your florals and gilded votives. Oh, and then there’s our favorite part: Vintage key place card holders. We’re talking serious details here. It’s too late to snatch one up for Easter, but we’re sure you can find an excuse just to have a plain old charming garden party… to show off your petunias… or something like that.

When summer rolls around, you’re going to want to get the Cooper, which sets the mood for your farmhouse get-down with miniature animal place card holders and bird nests for your centerpiece. And that centerpiece will sit on a vintage grain-sack table runner. It’s all very French countryside up in the Cooper box.

And while fall seems forever away, we’re already begging Esselle to bring back Bella. It’s currently sold out but delivers on all that autumnal awesomeness with cinnamon stick napkin rings, birch votives and a matte gold pie server. After all, fall is the time of the year when you can get away with eating an entire pie every loving week if you want to.

Finally, there’s Devyn for all the lovers out there. While this box sports a heavy Valentine’s Day emphasis and only caters to two, we like to think it can be used anytime for a good snuggle sesh.

Confetti is included in every single one of the collections — because confetti is important. And this sparkly stuff is all handmade. If you noticed, we mentioned the word “vintage” more than once. Yup, your Hostess Box is one of a kind.

Prices range between $65 and $138, depending on how many people you’re hosting. We like that almost all of these pieces — save the paper straws — are reusable for future parties or just for your own at-home dining pleasure. If you live in the Bay Area, you can check the Hostess Box and Esselle out in real life on Thursday, April 24th from 5-8pm at Display at Public Market in Emeryville. If not, no worries, you can still get one sent to your home. Happy hosting.

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