Picking out an engagement ring is a pretty big deal and maybe (hopefully) a lifelong commitment. We can hardly decide what we’re going to have for lunch today, so selecting one piece of jewelry you’ll wear the rest of your life definitely seems like a daunting task. So, it’s a good thing that fine jewelry brand Amoro is making part of that decision-making process a little bit easier.

Following the Warby Parker business model that’s becoming increasingly popular, Amoro is encouraging customers to try before they buy. Here’s how it works: For $50, you can select and customize up to three different wedding rings based on your budget and desired styles. Amoro will then create three replica rings (made with diamond imitations and non-precious metals) that you can rock for up to five days, giving you a better idea of the ring’s diamond size and precious metal proportions. Once your trial period is up, you can either commit to buying the ring, get a refund or test more styles.

While this could definitely be super helpful (and save you some serious buyer’s remorse), the program is currently available for wedding rings only (not engagement rings). The thinner band definitely doesn’t get quite as much attention as its flashy partner, but it’s still a super important element to your ring finger.

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(Photo via Etsy)