Wedding websites are a quick and easy way to dispense all the important information your guests need to know as it happens. However, if you’re trying to save money on your wedding, hiring a designer or purchasing a pricy site can be an unnecessary expense… unless, of course, you do it yourself! With these seven classes and accessories, whether you’re going boho chic or golden glam, you’ll have everything you need to craft your very own wedding website.

dslr photo class

1. Jenna Kutcher’s Intro to DSLR Photography Online Class ($39): One thing that will take your wedding website from blah to blingin’ is killer photography. This class will teach you all the DSLR essentials you need to snap beautiful, website-ready pics.

illustrator class

2. Alexi Politis’ Intro to Adobe Illustrator Online Class ($39): No need to outsource your wedding logo when this Intro To Adobe Illustrator Class is available. It’s got everything you need to start crafting your very own graphic design creations.

html class

3. Allison House’s HTML and CSS Coding Online Class ($39): Forget relying on some out of the box website. This course will instruct you on everything you need to know about HTML and CSS — aka, what you need to craft your very own website from the bottom up.

lightroom class

4. Sakura Considine’s Adobe Lightroom Online Class ($39): Once you’ve got all those pretty pics, you’ve gotta be able to edit them into pure perfection. Zoom through this class, and you’ll end up on the other side with Lightroom skills in your back pocket, photo editing like the pros.

website class

5. Allison House’s Coding: From Web Page to Website Online Class ($39): If you know what it takes to build a web page, but are looking to take it to the next level for your wedding website, this class has got the goods.

photo bloggers

6. Lindsay Ostrom’s Photography for Bloggers Online Class ($29): If you already know digital photography basics but want to up your game and get specialized at snapping web-worthy photos for your blog or wedding website, this course is the answer to your prayers.

illustrator class

7. Brit + Co Wedding Website Pack ($78): We’ve corralled three core classes that any beginner with aspirations of crafting their own wedding website will need, all in one place and at a pretty steep discount too. Get it, girl!

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